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When it comes to the hiring, assessing a candidate’s job fit is a bit like guessing what lies within the mysterious package covered by wrapping paper and ribbons.  Unfortunately the element of surprise has no place in the screening and selection process. That’s where our pre-employment assessment tools can help.

Pre-employment and leadership testing allows hiring managers to see through the candidate’s interview “mask” and expose how he or she will perform after they’re on your payroll.

This pre-hire scrutiny helps ensure the best possible job and team fit the first time and avoid the expensive and painful result of hiring “as-is.” 

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Pre-Employment Testing

Big 5 Assessments

Big 5 Assessments are a suite of pre-employment assessment tests and benchmark tools that identify candidates with an aptitude for on-the-job success. Screen for specific job skills, aptitude, job fit, employee attitude and even counter-productive behaviors. 


Prevue is a unique and powerful business management tool. In addition to its predictive and validated 5-Factor personality scales, assessments for business interests and General Mental Abilities are included. With Prevue, you get 3 tests for 1 fee! 

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