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We have entered the fastest period of change the world has ever seen. Fast Company recently shared "we are approaching the fastest, deepest, most consequential technological disruption in history." There’s a real danger that millions of people and thousands of organizations will be left behind. Adaptability is the key to transforming the way your teams and business reimagine their future. Unfortunately, research reveals that only 1 in 4 employees have high adaptability levels. Consequently, there is such a clarion call for leaders to rethink and adapt that Harvard Business Review describes "Adaptability Quotient" as the new competitive advantage. Linkedin identified Adaptability as one of the most in-demand skills of this 3rd decade of the 21st century.

Adaptability Quotient (AQai) is a game-changer!

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Rethinking Humanity

While we have the potential to capture the extraordinary societal benefits that [4th Industrial Revolution] technologies unlock, our ability to do so depends on an unprecedented transformation of society.

James Arbib and Tony Seba

In essence, we must unlearn the things that have taken us this far – a task that is extremely difficult for humans. 

Frank Diana

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The SHIFT hit everyone's plans In 2020. It proved that humans suck at exponential change! To make matters worse, the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2022, over half of all employees will need retraining and upskilling...and that was released before the global pandemic!

The good news is that you can do something about it. The bad news is that unless you master adaptability, you will very likely give your job up to a robot, or at the very least, another human being. Adaptability Quotient is what Emotional Intelligence did for careers in the 1990s and early 2000s. It's definitely time for a change. Our "Adaptability Quotient" will soon become the #1 predictor of future success. Are you ready to start the journey to tomorrow?


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AQme Insights

Discover where and how you can boost your AQ, whether it’s through video, audio or e-learning content.


Engage in conversations with your colleagues on improving AQ as a team, with AQteam insights, all within the platform. A shared language of AQ.

The best time to adapt is quite simply, always. This is unless you believe that nothing around you will change.

— Stuart Parkin, Director at the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics in Halle and professor at the Institute of Physics of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

Adapatability Quotient, Success Performance Solutions

Why is a AQai a great fit for you?

The adaptive, agile, and innovators are thriving. But not everyone has adapted so well. As humans, some of us have limits on our innate adaptability. Some boundaries are imposed by our ability. Others defined by our character (personality) and environment. Pioneering research by Adaptai dissected these boundaries and identified 17 dimensions that can impact our ability to adapt successfully.

You have a choice. Be a force of change or get run over by it. Anticipate the future or resign yourself to it. Are you ready to make a difference, shape your future, chart your course?

Ability AQ

There are five key factors that predict or drive adaptability at work. The ability to unlearn is the most important, yet 65 percent have low or medium levels. Other factors include grit, resilience, mindset, and mental flexibility.

Character AQ

Nearly half of employees are motivated to prevent failure. Employees that are proactive are best at change. Other factors include your Emotional Range, Intra/Extraversion preference, Hope, and Thinking Style.

Environment AQ

Nearly half of employees do NOT have positive workplace experiences. Even someone with high adaptability skills and an adaptable personality can struggle if the environment negatively impacts adaptability.


See the collective AQ scores of your Teams plus predictive insights like

Change Readiness and Re-skill Indexes.

Change Readiness, Team Readiness

Change Readiness

Quantify how ready your organization or collective teams are with our intelligent, predictive change readiness score based on the science of human behavior and cognition. It's an algorithm that does the hard work for you.

Re-Skill Index

Using smart predictive analytics, we’re now able to predict how likely your organization is to adapt well, to what extent your employees can learn new skills within their environment, and how change-ready you are as an organization.

An Assessment Unlike Any Other

AQai offers every participant a personalized, interactive, and engaging experience. Participants get their own personalized AQ assessment, available immediately upon completion. They can start to discover their AQ and quickly begin to improve it. Empower your team to discover their AQ scores, collectively work on your team's change-readiness, and boost your team's and company's to adapt fast.


Empower Your Team

Being able to see how change-ready and adaptable different teams (or subsections of those teams) are, enabling you to accurately inform training and development plans. View the distribution of where your team is within each dimension. Identify specific upskilling and reskilling needs.


What's a good AQ score?

Compare your AQ scores against the global average. We've compiled all the existing data into an on/off toggle with the ability to benchmark against the global average to see how you fare up against the rest of the world. This gives individuals a greater understanding of what they're doing well on and what they might need to focus more on.


Improve your AQ scores with actionable insights.

It's one thing to get a score but it's another to do something about improving it. Your AQ report will show you how to actively improve it with a whole host of exercises, activities, short lessons to follow, videos, podcasts, and books to read. Right now these insights are only available for Ability AQ, but we'll be rolling out more very soon! (You can also check out our library of 2600 online courses too!)


AQai doesn't feel like your typical assessment.

Converse with our AI chatbot personality, Aida, to make discovering your AQ score a ton more fun than any other. On average, it takes 25 minutes to complete and involves a series of scale questions, free text answers, and multiple-choice questions. An assessment experience that encourages your true self to shine through..


Rapid Learning, UnLearning, and Adaptability

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