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The Creatrix® Inventory can measure individual  and team capacity to innovate and to calculate risk. From Sustainers (people who like things the way they are) to Innovators (who think of new things all the time), Creatrix can identify who in your company will lead or stall change. The Creatrix offers insights into how open we are to new experiences, creativity, and our willingness to take risks in the face of change.

In the past, the wise old adage “necessity is the mother of invention” held true.  But today businesses can hardly afford to wait until the need proves great enough to change.  In fact, a report published by IBM titled Enterprise of the Future cites:   “eight out of ten CEOs are expecting substantial or very substantial change.”

Unfortunately, CEOs in the study rated their ability to manage change 22 percent lower than their expected need for it – a change gap that has nearly tripled since 2006.  This rising challenge for change is proving to be difficult for many organizations to meet. Success Performance Solutions has a solution!

Innovation keeps companies alive through continuous renewal and growth.  Without innovative ideas, a company stagnates and may even cease as a going concern.  In other words, you will be left behind if you don’t innovate. Innovation is a must, not an option.   Being innovative requires both the knack for creativity and a willingness to take risk. The Creatrix™ Inventory is an extraordinary tool that can provide senior executives and management with the answer to the ultimate question of our times:  what is our potential and ability to change with the times? In other words, What is our organizational capacity to innovate?

What Creatrix does is identify 8 innovation orientations, ranging from the Sustainer who prefers the status quo to the Innovator who generates an idea a minute but gives little thought to implementation.

The report then pinpoints which of the 7 drivers of innovation will provide the biggest bang for the buck in building more innovative capacity.

Nearly 100,000 people have taken Creatrix.  It has been extensively used for leadership development, executive coaching, team development and large-scale innovation efforts across organizations. Our database includes people from very small organizations to Fortune 500 companies. It includes manufacturing, financial services, government, high -tech, education, health care, engineering, architecture and many other sectors. It includes people across multiple cultures and countries.

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