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Business Values and Motivators

How do companies use Business Values and Motivators?  Team fit and Culture fit; team building; personal and professional development, coaching and mentoring.

As sure as the sun rises in the East, “How can I motivate my employees?” is one of those questions that stumps managers on a daily basis. If DISC answers the how of human behavior, Business Values and Motivators answers the “why.” It is an affordable, accurate, and easy solution for helping managers understand what employees value – in other words, what drives employee motivation.

Business Values and Motivators Assessment identifies 6 top employee motivators:

  • Conceptual (Theoretical): Does the employee embrace learning, education, and problem solving?
  • Aesthetic: Does the employee have a passion for harmony, beauty and balance in all areas of life?
  • Economic (Utilitarian): Is the employee driven by money or ROI of time and resources?
  • Power & Authority: Is the employee driven by the constant pursuit of achievement, competition, prestige, and winning?
  • Social: Does the employee value putting the needs of others ahead of his own?
  • Doctrine: Does the employee embrace a tradition or belief that guides his personal and business decisions?

But the BVM assessment is not just helpful to managers.  For employees and individuals looking to re-energize their careers, the Business Values and Motivators assessment helps them understand what they value most. By pursuing a career or job where you value what do dramatically improves job satisfaction and engagement.  What we value positively or judge negatively shapes every choice we make and provides us with energy or creates conflicts and stress in our personal and professional lives. Business Values and Motivators is an effective career values assessment test for understanding what motivates people and motivation, which in turn leads to job satisfaction and employee engagement.

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Complementing Business Values and Motivators with DISC Behavior Assessment is a powerful solution too. The two assessments provide both managers and employees with powerful insight into what drives individual behavior and how that behavior is perceived by others.  When perception and intention are in sync, top performance, effective communication, and higher employee engagement is more likely to occur.


Most popular uses of Business Values and Motivators

  • Employee selection
  • Cultural values assessment
  • Leadership and executive development
  • Management training
  • Sales training
  • Conflict management
  • Teambuilding
  • Customer service
  • Communication training
  • Job coaching
  • Individual career planning

Background of Business Values and Motivators

Business Motivators and Values are a collection of learned attitudes and beliefs. They are a mental position, a feeling or an emotional response to your environment that causes you to positively assess certain experiences, people and activities and causes you to negatively judge others. It is a passion, a world view you have that was formed by genetics and your life experiences. You see the world through this window of your attitude. They provide an individual with information regarding which business motivators are most important to him.

These business motivators were identified originally by Edward Spranger and supported in additional research by Gordon W. Alport and Philip E. Vernon. Individuals and corporations use these business motivators for goal setting, management development, team building, decision-making, and other important areas.

Benefits of using Business Values and Motivators

Motivators add depth and dimension to DISC behaviors by providing insight into  “why we do what we do.”  Psychologists often refer to the motivators as the initiators and drivers of behavior. By understanding what drives behaviors, individuals can select jobs and work environments that satisfy them and employers/managers can provide incentives and create corporate cultures that “self-motivate”.

By identifying and recognizing business motivators and how employees prioritize them, you can:

  • Understand their drives and passion.
  • Be able to recognize others’ attitudes and be able to see the world through their eyes.
  • Communicate with others according to their attitude; you will powerfully motivate others to action.
  • Appreciate the differences in people, learning to value positively instead of judging negatively.
  • Understand the causes of conflict and be able to diffuse the situation.
  • Experience a power of communication beyond what you ever thought possible.

Each person can complete the Business Values and Motivators questionnaire on their own computer, on a mobile device, or in their office space. All results are completely confidential.

Business Values and Motivators assessments are completed online and results are available immediately. Administration is simple and anyone with very basic Internet skills and a 10th grade reading level can complete the assessment in less than 15 minutes.

Units are required to process and print reports. Employers can pre-purchase a single test or receive a discount with bundles of 10 or more.  Volume discounts are available for larger orders and when combined with CriteriaOne DISC.  Once units are available and a candidate or employee completes the questionnaire, the employer can process the results and print a report right away.

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Why are business motivators important?

Imagine yourself rolling out of bed each morning and after a good stretch, you reach down to pick up two buckets to take with you that day. If you value your experiences that day, you essentially “fill” your buckets and return home feeling a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Alternatively, if you don?t value your experiences that day, you return home with empty buckets and a lack of fulfillment. Eventually job dissatisfaction, stress, and even burnout and depression can set in.

What is significant for employers is that each bucket represents a different motivator. Fill the wrong buckets and productivity and profitability falls and turnover increases.  Fill the right buckets and company culture thrives, profits rise, and employee engagement becomes a magnet for more top performers and customers. Understanding what employees value and what motivates them is not only a best practice, but a critical ingredient in building a competitive business advantage.

How to test for business values and business motivators?

Business motivators can be viewed in degrees of intensity using an assessment aptly called Business Values and Motivators. The assessment is completed online and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

The intensity of each motivator is determined by the importance placed on it by our personal priorities. The closer an individual’s business motivators are to the norm, the easier it becomes for individuals to understand and appreciate the motivators that are charted on their graphic scale. The further an individual’s score is from a specific motivators’ norm, the greater emotional investment individuals have in that particular motivator. Individuals will often have more difficulty understanding and valuing the business motivators of others that are very different from their own.

What industries benefit the most from business values and motivators?

Business Values and Motivators could be the most important employment assessment for every organization, regardless of industry or size.  Understanding what employees and customers value is the very essence of business – profit or non-profit.
Are there certain job positions that benefit the most?

Business Values and Motivators is appropriate for all positions from hourly employees to senior management.

When to use BVM?

For years the corporate world has been seeking people with good skills and work experience. However, the rules have changed. That alone is no longer enough to ensure top performance, engagement, and loyalty. Employers now must focus on recruiting the right employees, retaining them and motivating them to achieve their maximum potential.

Business Values and Motivators help businesses:

  • Recruit employees who fit their culture
  • Create a culture of ?self-motivation?
  • Build incentive programs that fit what employees value
  • Approach sales and marketing campaigns through the eyes of the customer
  • Leverage diverse teams by integrating and embracing a multi-value workforce

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