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Assess Candidate Skills With Mechanical Aptitude Tests

Success Performance Solutions Offers Pre-Employment Test Services Including Mechanical Aptitude Tests, Electrical Aptitude, and Spatial Reasoning. Other hiring solutions include Integrity Tests, Personality Job Fit, Leadership Tests, Skill Testing, Cognitive Testing, and other HR Testing. Let us help you identify the right technician candidate for the job quickly and easily. Call today to schedule a demo!

With Our Accurate Mechanical Aptitude Tests, You Can Select the Right Candidate Fast!

Candidate Testing That Works

Today’s technical and mechanical jobs are more challenging than they’ve ever been. Employees are no longer focused on just one task or role; they’re also solving more complicated problems, managing multiple responsibilities, dealing with customers, and trying to keep up with changing demands

Candidate Little White Lies

Although a candidate may claim to have expertise in certain areas, it’s hard for prospective employers to know whether they actually have those skills. How can you be certain that the applicants in front of you can do the work required of them? How do you know whether they have the knowledge and experience they claim? The answer lies in accurate candidate testing.

What Is Mechanical Aptitude Testing?

A mechanical aptitude test measures the candidate’s general mechanical knowledge and ability in a valid, reliable, and objective manner. Mechanical aptitude tests are frequently given to job candidates in engineering, construction, manufacturing, transportation, automotive, technology, and similar industries.

The tests evaluate the fundamental mechanical skills, knowledge, and conceptual ability needed for the job. They also determine up-front whether training is required and, if so, how much the candidate might need.

Electrical aptitude, mechanical reasoning, measurement and math concepts, physical properties, spatial reasoning, and tool knowledge are among the subjects covered in mechanical aptitude testing.

Who Should Use Mechanical Aptitude Tests?

When you’re hiring mechanics, engineers, HVAC technicians, plumbers, construction workers, and electricians, it’s critical to know right away if your job applicant has the necessary mechanical skills for the job. If you can’t ascertain this quickly, it may result in hiring people who could ultimately cost the company a lot of money in terms of poor performance, productivity loss, staff turnover, errors, and injury to themselves and others.

Bad decisions have secondary consequences too like reputational damage. Using one of our mechanical aptitude tests as part of your applicant screening and selection process can help you determine which applicants have the best chance of success.

Can Mechanical Aptitude Testing Help My Business?

Yes, it can. Among the most in-demand occupations are engineering, technology, and the construction industry. Jobs in any of these fields require strong mechanical or technical aptitude. With the increased use of technology, job requirements have also become more complex over the past 30 years; employees in these positions now need to possess a variety of skills, including mechanical reasoning.

While a candidate might claim to have experience in these areas, you need to know that they have the ability and proficiency to meet your expectations. How can you be sure that the candidate can handle all mechanical and electrical aspects of the job? The mechanical aptitude test is a simple and inexpensive way to determine this.

Accurately Determine Candidate Potential

Effective candidate testing can save your organization both time and money by allowing you to screen technical candidates accurately and fast. Once you have narrowed down the field, you can then devote more time to an in-depth screening of each individual’s skills and capabilities.

For example:

Individuals with good spatial abilities understand how to “translate” a schematic or blueprint into real-life applications. They can organize well and can convert abstract concepts into clear visuals

Mechanically inclined individuals are proficient with building and troubleshooting machines and engines. They might also create products that address common problems.
Strong verbal abilities, oftentimes not assessed during the hiring phase, enable individuals to communicate critical ideas effectively to the team. Why not test candidates for this critical skill before you put them on your payroll?

Well-designed and validated tests can help you to swiftly ascertain whether potential employees possess the abilities you are looking for, in which roles they will best succeed, and where additional training or mentoring might be needed.



30 Questions per test

Untimed (approximately 15 minutes)

Online administration

Immediate results

Recommend interview questions

Management suggestions

Electrical Aptitude Tests

The degree to which the individual has knowledge of basic electrical concepts.

Mechanical Reasoning Tests

The degree to which the individual can conceptualize how moving one object might affect another.

Measurement Tests

The degree to which the individual has knowledge of basic measurement and math concepts.

Physical Properties Tests

The degree to which the individual has a basic understanding of how varying weight distribution affects effort and safety.

Spatial Reasoning

The degree to which the individual is able to mentally manipulate various objects in order to determine how they might best be assembled or how they might best fit together.


Tools Tests

The degree to which the individual has basic knowledge of common tools.

Good Testing Can Give Your Organization the Edge

When candidates are able to demonstrate strong skills, you know they can approach the tasks with more competence and confidence. The better the candidate’s skills, the less training is needed—saving your business time and money and avoiding the biggest risks of all – mistakes and accidents.

Testing for Mechanical, Engineering, and Technical Roles

If you run a business that requires mechanical or technical skills, testing is vital—lives may depend on equipment being correctly maintained and serviced. Our mechanical aptitude testing can help you to better understand the safety attitudes and mechanical skills a candidate will bring to work each day.

Save Your Organization Time and Money with SPS Cost-Effective Candidate Testing!

We offer affordable, predicative, and convenient to use testing solutions that can help you identify the perfect candidate for any role quickly and easily. If you would like more information about our pre-employment services and testing solutions, please contact us today.

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