Prevue Learning & Reasoning

Online General Mental Abilities Test

Logical-Verbal-Spatial Reasoning


When critical thinking skills, good judgment, or just good old “mental horsepower” is required for a job, then Prevue Learning & Reasoning Assessment is your answer.  Within 20 minutes you will evaluate a candidate’s or employee’s individual capacity to process new information quickly, learn quickly, and deal with complexity and ambiguity.

“General Mental Ability  (measured by Learning & Reasoning) is the best single predictor of performance, job competence and flexibility.”  

David Bartam

World renowned psychometrician and former President of the International Test Commission

The Prevue Learning & Reasoning test is the single best predictor of peak performance, job competence that requires fast decision making, and mental flexibility, – all critical and essential skills in today’s fast changing world. This Prevue Assessment Test provides insight into an a candidate’s or existing employee’s ability to learn and process new information quickly, think logically, acquire new skills, solve new complex problems, and “see the big picture.”

When this Prevue Learning & Reasoning Assessment Test is combined with ASSESS, companies can identify candidates and employees who have the highest potential of making the right decisions quickly, especially when an unanticipated crisis hits or innovative leadership is required.

General mental abilities are also often called cognitive abilities and general reasoning skills. The Prevue Learning & Reasoning Assessment Test measures a candidate’s or employee’s brain power or mental horsepower – how quickly they can make good decisions when time is short and information may be ambiguous.

This pre-hire assessment examines four cognitive dimensions of General Mental Abilities:

  • General Abilities
  • Working with Number
  • Working with Words
  • Working with Shapes.

Each Learning & Reasoning Report generated from the Prevue pre-hire assessment provides predictive information on a candidate’s:

  • Overall learning and reasoning abilities.
  • Match to a job or role specific Benchmark for the Learning & Reasoning position.
  • Learning & Reasoning Benchmark Suitability score.
  • Scores on four dimensions of learning and reasoning.
  • Interview Questions and Suggestions — plan the interview and develop questions to explore areas where the candidate does not match the Benchmark.
  • Candidate Strengths — know where the candidate matches the Benchmark to capitalize on the candidate’s strengths.
  • Best Practice Recommendations and Validity — ensure validity of the assessment results.

It is recommended that Learning and Reasoning Report generated from this pre-hire assessment be used in conjunction with other assessments including personality fit, behavioral style, and values and motivators as well as a structured behavioral interview and appropriate background checks and references.