ASSESS Testing for Leadership, Sales, and 72 Key Roles

Pre-Hire | Development | Personality, EQ, Competency

Why Millions of Candidates Have Been Tested with ASSESS System

ASSESS System is our clients’ favorite tool when it comes to evaluating how leadership and other professional candidates approach critical thinking, project management, self-management, and managing others. The ASSESS System has assessed millions of people in a broad spectrum of industries and positions spanning 42 countries supporting 17 languages. When it comes down to making an investment in screening candidates, ASSESS is simply the best leadership, management and sales testing platform for selection and development. 


  • Assess 3 critical performance areas: Thinking, Working, Relating
  • Over 72 validated job templates
  • 9 proven competency models for leadership, management, sales, and other professional roles
  • Build your own competency model to fit your company culture using our library of 38 competencies
  • Results written in “plain English” – no psychologist or certification required!
  • Screening, Hiring Manager, Selection and Development reports available
  • Selection reports include behavioral interview questions
  • Development report includes recommendations for improvement
  • Management suggestions
  • 360 multi-rater feedback option
  • Web-based and real-time results

ASSESS employee testing software accommodates every stage of the employee life cycle delivering five different report formats: Standard, Screening, Selection, Development and 360 Multi-rater Feedback. What’s more, every assessment is validated, predictive, and compliant with EEO. ASSESS job assessment tests give you results that are written in “plain English” too – no psychologist necessary!

ASSESS is designed and has been used for the evaluation of a variety of managerial, supervisory, and professional positions. It’s perfect for all levels of management, leadership and sales plus benchmarked job templates for more than 70 positions.