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When looking for top-talent, showing up in Google for Jobs search is critical. However, Google set special rules, and if you want to play, you have to play by Google’s rules. What are those rules and how do you get your job listings to show up in Google for Jobs, above your competitors? Learn all the ins-and-outs and follow the latest trends from the guy people are calling “The Google Guy.”

Employee Assessment.  Personality.  Reasoning.  Attitude.  Motivation.  Values.  Skills.


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What People Are Saying

“I have worked with MANY consultants over the years. Ira’s ability to use assessments to predict behavior is prophetic.  Unlike most consultants, Ira is not afraid to share unvarnished truth. Ira is a voice, not an echo. Our executive team LOVES this about him.”

Alt Kagesa

Director of Talent and Organizational Development, Ohana Pacific Management Company

“I really enjoy working with Success Performance Solutions. Their testing programs  are accurate and their people are technically competent, responsive, and friendly.”

Dean DeGhetto

Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, Lamart Corporation

Pre-Employment Testing

Success Performance Solutions offers a full suite of pre-employment testing software for sales, leadership, service, and production in over a dozen industries. Get deeper insights and hire right the first time.

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Strategy, Dedication, and Success

If you’re reading this, you are probably frustrated with one of three things:

  1. Not enough qualified job applicants
  2. High employee turnover
  3. Poor performance

Success Performance Solutions recognizes that there are many excellent options when it comes to pre-employment testing and applicant tracking software. That is why we are passionate about delivering the most intelligent pre-hire testing solutions and predictive hiring tools with unsurpassed customer service to ensure our clients’ success.

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