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One of those ways is through the use of employee testing.




Success Performance Solutions provides employee testing for associate staff to the C-Suite for basic administrative skills up to senior leadership competencies for every job in every industry. For more information just click on any of the links or call 800-803-4303.

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As employers search for ways to stand out, the opportunity to reskill and upskill workers has gained greater importance, especially when it comes to building an employment brand and growing engagement. The pandemic only took a growing skills gap and made it worse. It has left many businesses pondering how employee skills – current and future – will align with new job requirements in the new normal economy. In a recent survey, 57% of workers can’t list the skills that will get them their next job. With the youngest Baby Boomer reaching 65 years of age by 2029, the brain drain is expected to accelerate throughout the decade. With over 2600 online learning courses, the best soft skill and software training for employees is just a few clicks away.

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What Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with MANY consultants over the years. Ira’s ability to use assessments to predict behavior is prophetic.  Unlike most consultants, Ira is not afraid to share unvarnished truth. Ira is a voice, not an echo. Our executive team LOVES this about him.”

Alt Kagesa

Director of Talent and Organizational Development, Ohana Pacific Management Company

“I really enjoy working with Success Performance Solutions. Their testing programs  are accurate and their people are technically competent, responsive, and friendly.”

Dean DeGhetto

Manager, Environmental Health & Safety, Lamart Corporation


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Leadership Assessment Tests

For 25 years, Success Performance Solutions has helped companies – small and large – identify future leaders and develop existing ones. We offer leadership assessment tests for front-line supervisors to C-Suite executives. These assessments can be used for selection and development. We can test for strategic thinking, cognitive ability,  leading and managing others, compelling communication, resilience, emotional intelligence, adaptability, curiosity, and innovative capacity.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Looking for DISC leadership style or 360 multi-rater feedback? We’ve got that too!  All our leadership testing is online and results are immediate.