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Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment

Pre employment testing should be an important part of any hiring process. They objectively assess proficiency and give employers quick results. Good pre-employment assessment software

Pre-Employment Testing Lowers Employee Turnover

Employment Help By Position Type

Looking for Employees, Salespeople, Managers, or Leaders

If you need help for your organization's employment needs with regards to general Employees, Salespeople, Managers, or Leaders this section will put you on the right track to fulfilling those goals.

Employment Help By Recruiting Phase

Recruitment, Pre-Hire, and Post-Hire

Here is your resource for all stages of the hiring process. Whether you need to put a process in place, improve on your existing process, or develop a strategy that addresses concerns at any stage, Success Performance Solutions has consolidated everything you could ask for in one place.

Opportunities in the Employment Process

Save Time, Money, Resources

Every organization has a different process that they go through to find the employees and leaders that fit into their culture and ultimately aspire to their overall goals. Regardless of your process, there is always room for improvement. Success Performance Solutions helps you identify the opportunities for growth, cost savings, automation, preparedness, and more.

Issues in the Employment Process

Solutions to Issues

Your Employment and Retention strategy is important in maintaining your bottom line and keeping the business on the right track for growth. Issues in the hiring process often don't manifest until it;s too late and end up costing you money, time, and other precious resources. Success Performance Solutions can help you fend off issues such as high turnover, lengthy time to hire, bad fit employees and more.

Struggling with high turnover? Ready to hire top-performers faster?


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Strategy, Dedication, and Success

If you’re reading this, you are probably frustrated with one of three things:
1. Not enough qualified job applicants
2. High employee turnover
3. Poor performance

Success Performance Solutions recognizes that there are many excellent options when it comes to pre-employment testing and applicant tracking software. That is why we are passionate about delivering the most intelligent solutions with unsurpassed customer service to ensure our clients’ success.

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Targeting talent, hiring smarter

Most businesses think that product is the most important thing, but without great leadership, vision, and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best product won't make a company successful. Success Performance Solutions helps organizations build top performing teams by attracting and retaining the top talent it needs to grow.

Leadership, Management, Sales, Key Employee

Aptitude, Job Fit, General Reasoning

Job Fit, Personality, General Mental Abilities

Office and Administrative Skills, Technical and Software Skills

Communication, Team Building, Culture Fit

Emotional Intelligence
The Skill That Top Performers Possess

Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Software

Business Motivators
Personal Values and Motivators, Culture Fit

4 Reasons Hiring the Wrong Salespeople Costs More Than You Think
4 Reasons Hiring the Wrong Salespeople Costs More Than You Think

The costs of hiring the wrong salesperson stack up. Combinations of time, money, and resources are invested with little or no return on the employer’s investment. Few people would argue otherwise. In fact, ...

You’re Screening Job Candidates Wrong
You’re Screening Job Candidates Wrong

3 strategies that will change the way you screen One day employees seem to be on the top of the world, firing on all cylinders. The next day their lives and careers implode.  Why does this happen? Why does this happen? A lack of emotional intelligence may provide the answer. Despite extensive research to the […]

Interview | Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Employment Testing
Interview | Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Employment Testing

“Recruiting the wrong people can make or break a startup. Whether it be the wrong cultural fit, lack of skills, or poor attitude, when you’re a small team it’s near impossible to make up for a bad hire. Pre-employment testing has emerged as one tool recruiters can use to help make more informed choices by […]

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