Administrative, Technical, and Software Skill Testing

Are you looking for a easy to use but affordable skill testing system but frustrated with IBM Kenexa ProveIt!?   Look no further than eSkill Administrative and Technical Skill Tests.

eSkill Office skill tests - Call Center

Why eSkill? eSkill is the market leader in customizable online employee skills tests. It’s affordable, reliable, and easy to use with spectacular customer service. With nearly 500 subject areas, over 5,000 modular topics, and 60,000 questions, the eSkill employee skills test library covers nearly every industry and hundreds of skill sets, ranging from basics like typing and data entry to dozens of software programs (including all Office products).  Industry tests include IT, accounting, call centers, healthcare, legal, industrial, sales, and more. And if you have a client in need of unique administrative skills tests, the optional eSkill test Editor lets you build your own test by uploading questions and answers including images and audio.

Here’s an at-a-glance comparison to prove why eSkill tests beat ProveIt! hands-down.

eSkill ProveIt!
Easy to use Dashboard Yes No
Customizable Tests Yes No. Only remove questions from a single subject.
Combine subjects Yes No
Rapid implementation Yes (usually 24-48 hours) No
Spectacular customer service Yes No
Plugins No. Runs on HTML 5 Yes. Requires Silverlight and Java.
Web Editor Yes  Cannot add jpg or mp3.
Add editable documents Yes No
Admin preview of questions Yes No
Admin preview of answers Yes No
Explanation for correct answers Yes No
Multitasking simulation Yes No
Chat simulation Yes No
Question library Yes. 60,000+ questions No

Here’s just a sampling of the over 500 eSkill subjects and 5,000 topics that cover a dozen industries and hundreds of occupations and jobs.

 Industry Specific Subjects
Accounting Bookkeeping Principles and Skills, Software including Quickbooks, Peachtree, MYOB
IT Hundreds of software skill tests, networking skills, web development
Call Center Simulations for outbound/inbound, customer service
Engineering and Industrial Basic skills, electronics, mechanical aptitude, CNC, AutoCAD, HVAC
Distribution and Warehouse Safety, pick-and-pack
Healthcare Dental or medical terminology, transcription, pharma terminology nursing skills, billing, coding, HIPPA
Hospitality Event planning, serving skills, front desk skills, guide/tour operator skills, room service management
Retail Retail math, sales clerk skills, web merchant
Banking Teller skills, math, customer service
Administrative Typing, Data Entry, Phone Etiquette, Microsoft Office
General Work Skills Math, English and Spanish proficiency

For a complete listing of all the subjects and topics or to schedule a no-obligation demo, submit the form below or call us at 800-803-4303 to learn more about our technical and administrative skills tests.


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