Employee Performance Management

Employee performance management is much more than annual performance reviews. It is a process that helps align individual employee performance to corporate goals and outcomes. An effective performance management program includes employee coaching and mentoring, ongoing feedback, and 360 degree multi-rater evaluations.

Multitasking May Be Hurting Productivity

When a hiring manager is asked to list the most important job skills, multitasking often appears near or at the top of list. For sure, top performers carry heavy workloads. Expectations are high to get more done with fewer resources in less time. Unscheduled disruptions and unanticipated distractions seem to be a common occurrence too.  So […]

4 Steps to S.T.O.P Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Company

Advice to deal with toxic employees seem more abundant than sand in a desert. The problem is that without cooperation from the employee you might as well be shoveling with a rake! So let’s begin with the employee or manager who feels his success in life is commensurate with how many people he steps on, […]

Past Performance Is Out, What is a Credible Hiring Test?

For decades and maybe even centuries, past performance has been a reasonably good predictor of future performance.  It still is if … the job is repetitive and routine.  Unfortunately that limits its use to primarily low-skill-low-pay. But since our world is changing faster than ever before,  job responsibilities and therefore the skills to do the […]

OverReliance on Discover Your Strengths Blinds Managers | Part 2

In my last post I pointed out how ignoring your weaknesses was a flaw in the strategy to discover your strengths. Even Gallup admits that its research has been distorted. Let’s now move on to the second reason why relying on strengths alone is a path that may lead to performance disappointment, dispassion, and missed […]

The Weakness Behind Discover Your Strengths

The Weakness Behind Discover Your Strengths

Recruiting and retaining talent is the highest priority in many companies. Discovering employee strengths is a popular strategy. Why wouldn’t management want to know if a candidate or employee had “the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity?” (That by the way is the definition of strength according to Gallup.) As a […]