Leadership assessment tests determine the strengths, abilities, skills, vulnerabilities, and the potential to adapt, develop, and grow.

Employee Turnover? Ask These 8 Questions to Fix It

Employee turnover is affecting every organization in every industry from Iowa to India, from California to China. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a small company or a multi-national, whether you’re selling food, clothes, and technology or providing healthcare to patients. Employee turnover is a growing problem. That begs the question: Why do […]

Podcast: What is Emotional Intelligence

There’s a lot of buzz centered around emotional intelligence right now and with good reason. Cutting edge research into emotional intelligence has shown that emotional intelligence plays an important role in achieving peak performance, well beyond the old standard criteria of years of experience and education.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for emotional intelligence, also […]

Leadership Competence? Don’t Discard DISC

Many companies are beginning to take leadership competence seriously. But in the transformation, the DISC assessment is often discarded! For those that might be new to either competence or DISC, let me take a few minutes to define each one. Competence is simply the ability to perform a job successfully. Ingredients include abilities, knowledge, skills, […]