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How to Identify Employees Who Value Continuous Learning

If you ever wondered if your employees value continuous learning as much as you do (or is required by the industry or your company culture), you’ll want to read this post. Companies spend billions of dollars  each year on employee training. Unfortunately much of it falls on deaf ears. Let me introduce you to the Conceptual Value, one […]

4 Steps to S.T.O.P Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Company

Advice to deal with toxic employees seem more abundant than sand in a desert. The problem is that without cooperation from the employee you might as well be shoveling with a rake! So let’s begin with the employee or manager who feels his success in life is commensurate with how many people he steps on, […]

Press Release | unProductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation

Press Release | unProductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation

Success Performance Solutions has announced the release of its newest white paper titled unproductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation. With skill gaps widening, time to hire increasing, and 8 out of 10 workers lacking the passion to reach their full potential, “the needle in the labor pool haystack just got buried a lot […]

Career Development Tip – Stop These 4 Counter-Productive Habits Today

Career development is high on the list of many high potential employees.  So why is it that so many employees seem to build successful careers only to fall quickly from their perch when put to the test. Because sometimes success is built on the backs of bad habits. They focus only on behaviors that bring immediate […]

65 Percent of Today’s Students Will Be Employed in Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet

Yes – you read that right. 65 percent of today’s schoolchildren will eventually be employed in jobs that have yet to be created, according to this U.S. Department of Labor report. That also means that many currently employed workers for the first time since the industrial revolution must be thinking about what they will do […]