Business Values & Motivators

Business Values and Motivators is based on a proven model of identifying what employees values and how values shape employee motivation and attitudes.

New Proception2 DISC Profiles Now Available

New Proception2 DISC Profiles Now Available

Proception2 DISC Profiles are live!  Redesigning, rewriting, and recalibrating Version 4.0 has been a long and challenging project. But we’re really excited about the new look…and the response of our clients has exceeded expectations. So what’s improved? First of all the new report has a “business” feel and look. The cover page has been redesigned. We’ve put […]

How to Identify Employees Who Value Continuous Learning

If you ever wondered if your employees value continuous learning as much as you do (or is required by the industry or your company culture), you’ll want to read this post. Companies spend billions of dollars  each year on employee training. Unfortunately much of it falls on deaf ears. Let me introduce you to the Conceptual Value, one […]

Companies Struggle to Define Integrity and Ethics

Hundreds of regional execs reveal their strategic standards for decision making. How uncanny! On the eve of the release of our Report on Integrity and Ethics, the longtime chairman and CEO of Freddie Mac, the president and COO, and the CFO were asked to step aside. Why? Lack of “cooperation and candor” and “management misjudgements”. Last […]