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How Employee Personality Tests Can Help You Boost Workplace Productivity

More than ever, employers are turning to personality profiling to help them make decisions about whom to hire.

Having the right talent at the right time can help a new business get off the ground. And knowing how to motivate the employees you already have can boost your company toward greater growth.

But personality tests aren’t only beneficial when it comes to the hiring process. Forming strong teams can help your business grow and be more productive along the way.

Here are some of the ways that personality profiling can increase workplace productivity:

Personality Profiling Can Help You Identify Extroverts and Introverts

Personality profiling assessments are insightful in many ways. They can help you better understand your employees and how each of them approach certain situations. For example, personality tests can help you identify which of your employees are engage when interacting with people (extroverts) compared to those that prefer working on tasks (introverts).

Having a sense of how extroverts and introverts interact with others can be very beneficial to employers too.

And though no two people are the same, understanding your employees’ personality tendencies can help you motivate them.

When your employees are given projects that suit their strengths, they’ll be naturally motivated to deliver great work.


Enhance Teamwork

Using personality tests to reveal individual strengths will benefit the whole team. This makes delegating tasks much easier since personality tests can reveal employee preferences. Some employees might be terrified of public speaking and while others would be bored with a research project assignment.

Personality tests can help you leverage each employee’s strengths to enhance the results of the team. Your employees will feel more driven when they’re assigned projects that are suited to their strengths.

Use this knowledge to form teams with a variety of strengths so that each employee can lift each other up.

You Can Restructure Breaks More Effectively

Some employees feel like they can’t make it through the workday without a couple of short breaks and a midday break for lunch. Others say they’re most productive when they just power through without interruptions.

You might notice that some employees opt for eating lunch at their desks while they continue working and others take an hour lunch each day. The point of a break is that it’s re-energizing for your employees, and what some people find rejuvenating, others find distracting.

When you understand your employees’ needs, you can restructure breaks in a way that re-energizes them.

Get together with your HR manager and encourage everyone to take breaks as they see fit (within reason of course). Encourage solo breaks or small social breaks as they see fit.

Provide a suitable spot for some employees to take a solo break. This should be a place where they can regroup, organize their thoughts, and feel refreshed without interruption.

Set up another break area that is inviting to social interactions and gatherings.

When your employees are re-energized by their breaks, they’ll be more productive, efficient workers.

In Reducing Noise Pollution

Many of your workers’ personalities aren’t suited to noisy, talkative work environments. Boost productivity by setting up quiet workspaces for those who might be distracted by their co-workers. For the introverts among you, consider supplying noise-canceling headphones.

Your employees will appreciate having areas within the office where they can work quietly. This way, when things become too noisy, they can politely excuse themselves to these quieter areas to focus.

Others of your employees might thrive off the hustle and bustle of a busy office with lots of conversations and even music.

After getting to know your employees better, you can come together as an office to discuss how to best suit each other’s working requirements.

An Increase in Employee Interaction

Everyone on your team will benefit from getting to know each other better with the help of a workplace personality test. When people understand each other better, they collaborate more effectively.

Learning about others can serve as a reminder that everyone has a different view of the world. Each individual also has unique ways that they interact with their surroundings. This understanding alone can do a lot in boosting teamwork and productivity.

Not only will your employees get a better sense of their own style of working, they’ll also learn how their behavior influences others.

This increase of awareness among your team also makes each person more sympathetic and helpful toward each other.

By Showing Your Interest

How else can personality profiling increase productivity among your employees? Well by the simple fact that taking an interest in what motivates your employees shows that you’re interested in them as people.

Your employees want to be seen as more than workers, they want to be recognized as individuals. Many of your employees will be happy to participate in personality assessment tests in an effort to be understood. And when employees feel understood and appreciated which is always good for productivity.

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