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Human resources is changing fast. And no one does a better job at helping executives, managers, and business owners stay current with HR trends than Ira S Wolfe, president of Success Performance Solutions. As one of the industry’s most valued thought leaders, Wolfe posts a steady stream of articles, posts, and other resources about trends that are changing the way HR does business.

Is the Application Better at Screening Than the Resume?

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and hiring manager is the resu-mess – the tidal wave of unqualified applicants that buries people and overwhelm the process. The screening process typically starts with the candidate completing an application or uploading a resume. But few companies seem to consider the impact one or the other […]

Why It’s So Hard to Find “Good Employees”

Uncovering the reasons why it’s so hard to find “good” employees is a bit like watching the Presidential debates. Some of the information that we hear is politicized for the sole purpose of satisfying a personal agenda. When it’s not good old fashioned bull****, all you hear is a bunch of lame excuses and blame. […]

Want to Recruit More Qualified Job Candidates? Start Here!

Want to Recruit More Qualified Job Candidates? Start Here!

For starters companies need to recruit job candidates like they are very important customers. That’s not rhetoric or a marketing slogan. They really are important customers!  According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, fifty-eight (58) percent of applicants are less likely to buy from a company if they don’t get a response. Sixty-nine (69) percent shun […]

Lies We Believe about Employee Engagement

Thanks to the Gallup organization, employee engagement has become part of nearly every organization’s vocabulary. Gallup and other companies like Deloitte, McKinsey, and BCG highlight the value high employee engagement generates: higher customer satisfaction, more innovation, and faster growth to name a few. Who can argue with results like that? So what’s the problem with […]