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Why It’s So Hard to Find “Good Employees”

Uncovering the reasons why it’s so hard to find “good” employees is a bit like watching the Presidential debates. Some of the information that we hear is politicized for the sole purpose of satisfying a personal agenda. When it’s not good old fashioned bull****, all you hear is a bunch of lame excuses and blame. […]

Personality Tests “Useless”: Is this really true?

“Personality tests are useless at predicting future job performance,” if you believe self-confessed personality test hater Bob Corlett. Mr Corlett by the way is founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the HR Examiner. He feels personality testing is “just a way to shirk responsibility.” Except for that comment and his nuclear-like condemnation of […]

Hire Forward: Past Performance Isn’t Enough

Managers need to hire forward with the future in mind and stop hiring looking in the rear view mirror. Companies and its managers must begin to rely on potential instead of past performance. Here are the reasons why. For centuries, “employee” selection was made based on physical attributes.  To build pyramids, cross oceans, tunnel through mountains, […]