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Download This Free Recruitment eBook | Recruiting in the Age of Googlization

Is your company struggling to attract and acquire enough qualified workers?  Here’s one reason why: Recruiting in the age of Googlization has structurally changed talent acquisition.  Download this free recruitment ebook about how to recruit faster and hire smarter. The digital revolution has brought countless wonders – the Internet, the World Wide Web, Google, social media, […]

6 Vital Website Elements to Recruit Millennials

Does your company website include career pages that include these 6 elements to recruit Millennials? If not, you will likely miss out on this most highly sought after demographic – despite your best intentions.. Unfortunately many companies fall short of their recruiting goals because they underestimate the importance and value of a company’s website.  What follows is a […]

Applicant Tracking Software Doesn’t Dehumanize Recruiting, People Do!

Applicant Tracking Software Doesn’t Dehumanize Recruiting, People Do!

Candidates blame applicant tracking software (ATS) for a dehumanizing approach to employee selection. Employers blame the software for high rates of candidate abandonment. But an ATS is not to blame. Truth be told, many employee screening and selection processes were dehumanized long before ATS. Many assumed software was supposed to fix it. But as the […]

Companies Face Recruiting Crisis: Finding Needle in the Haystack!

Are you recruiting enough qualified candidates?  If not, you’ll need to stand in line with many other companies. For some jobs and for many companies recruiting is like finding the needle in a very large haystack…blindfolded! Anywhere from one-third to one-half of companies report difficulty filling open positions, depending on the survey source, job type, and […]

Want to Recruit More Qualified Job Candidates? Start Here!

Want to Recruit More Qualified Job Candidates? Start Here!

For starters companies need to recruit job candidates like they are very important customers. That’s not rhetoric or a marketing slogan. They really are important customers!  According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, fifty-eight (58) percent of applicants are less likely to buy from a company if they don’t get a response. Sixty-nine (69) percent shun […]

Candidate Abandonment: A Recruiter’s Nightmare

Candidate abandonment: If management understood anything about it, they would be livid. It’s the debilitating metric that HR hopes never sees the light of day. The trouble is that few companies track it. Most pay no attention despite the fact that high rates indicate potential employees stopping in their tracks. For any organization struggling to […]