Is your company struggling to attract and acquire enough qualified workers?  Here’s one reason why: Recruiting in the age of Googlization has structurally changed talent acquisition.  Download this free recruitment ebook about how to recruit faster and hire smarter.

The digital revolution has brought countless wonders – the Internet, the World Wide Web, Google, social media, mobile computing, and big data. It has disrupted and transformed virtually every aspect of our lives. And yet while most candidates, especially the talent with desired skills, participate in this digital world, many businesses still recruit like it was 1970. The disconnect must be closed.

One way to do this is through management adopting a new mindset and developing a new recruiting process around what I’m calling Recrooglization.

You must be wondering what the heck Recrooglization is…and how to pronounce it!

For starters, it is pronounced ree-kroo-gu-luh-zey-shun.

More importantly, it describes both the current state of recruitment and prescribes a solution based on the art of recruiting and on the science of “Google.”

I invite you to download a copy of my newest ebook titled Recrooglization: Recruiting in the Age of Googlization. It includes a brief update on the state of recruiting and hiring, a blueprint to REACH more qualified applicants, how to become “Mad-Men” of recruiting, and best practices to recruit faster and hire smarter.

Download your recruitment ebook now – it’s free. Enjoy!

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