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As one of the industry’s most respected employee testing experts, Success Performance Solutions and its President are in the news frequently. From local media interviews to coverage in the likes of Business Week, Forbes, Fox Small Business, Huffington Post, and more, HR expert Ira S Wolfe shares his thoughts and successes on hiring and workforce trends.

Aging Population Increases Service Demand

Supply and demand is how Sean Harper accounts for the growth of certain industries in Central Pennsylvania. Harper, a statistician and information officer for the state Department of Labor & Industry’s Center for Workforce Information and Analysis, uses this principle when explaining why some industries, such as service, continue to flourish in an economic slowdown. […]

Business As Usual – Do You Have A Business Continuity Plan?

This article was published in Business2Business, October 2001 The events of the past few weeks are a clear reminder that emergencies happen unannounced and rarely at a convenient time. The devastation from this nightmare, which seems surreal and divorced from reality, is different from many of the other crises and emergencies we have ever faced. […]

Companies Struggle to Define Integrity and Ethics

Hundreds of regional execs reveal their strategic standards for decision making. How uncanny! On the eve of the release of our Report on Integrity and Ethics, the longtime chairman and CEO of Freddie Mac, the president and COO, and the CFO were asked to step aside. Why? Lack of “cooperation and candor” and “management misjudgements”. Last […]