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Leadership assessment tests for executives have become an integral part of leadership development and succession planning, especially to select key positions like CEO, COO, CFO and the like. And Success Performance Solutions is prepared to help you ensure that the next leader of your business is the right person.

As a leader in the employee assessment industry, we have been retained by hundreds of small and medium size companies to take the guesswork out of leadership selection, building the talent pipeline, and assisting in the selection of the next CEO or other executive positions. Our process is easy to implement, convenient, affordable, and fast. Each package of assessments is customized to your organization and industry needs including cultural fit and competence.


For years, management kicked the succession planning can down the road.  For many companies, they’ve reached a dead end. While many companies are scrambling to keep profits up and competition down, nearly 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily.  Many of those Boomers held C-Suite positions including CEO.  It is estimated that fewer than 1 out of 4 companies have an effective succession plan in place.  And even when they do, some of the successors have opted to seek a position elsewhere or retire if they haven’t fallen short of performance expectations. That places an undue burden on owners and boards of directors to evaluate candidates with little first hand knowledge or experience, often from outside the organization.


A small property and casual insurance company is faced with the retirement of its long term CEO. Their search for a successor included two internal candidates and one external one.  The search committee wanted to ensure a fair and objective evaluation since at least one or both internal candidates might be passed over.

The board of directors (BOD) of a rural electric cooperative is tasked with finding a replacement for its 30+ plus years tenured CEO. Their location, small size, and “unique” culture set requirements that only a few candidates might meet. Company politics requires them to open up the opportunity and 12 candidates apply including several internal candidates, who are poor fits. The BOD  wants to ensure a fair and objective process to narrow down the field to the 3 most qualified candidates and then assist them in interviewing and selecting the right one.

A faith-based assisted living and retirement center seeks a replacement for a CEO who was recently terminated. The BOD does not want to make another mistake. They have selected an interim CEO but before making a permanent job offer, they want to assess the potential and cultural fit.


Building tomorrow’s C-suite will require a new approach to succession planning and the selection of the right leader. Whether you are a sole proprietor seeking to find a compatible successor or board chair leading the search for the company’s next senior executive, Success Performance Solutions has a solution.

  • Review of your organization needs (cultural fit, strategy, leadership style, etc.)
  • Performance expectations of the new hire
  • Assessments that might include leadership competence, leadership style, cognitive abilities, business values, quality of motivation.
  • Written summary report of candidate(s)
  • Presentation (typically web-based) to board of directors
  • Follow-up with internal candidates to review assessments and assist with professional development plan (Optional).

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