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360 degree assessmentAssess 360 represents the next generation of multi-rater feedback tools. It is the preferred tool for professional development,career development, and leadership development. Like most 360 tools, Assess 360 collects and reports anonymous feedback from an individual’s peers, boss, direct reports, and/or customers.

BUT, Assess 360 is anything but typical—it offers a powerful combination of flexibility and depth of content.

Easy to use

  • Completely web-based survey, administration and reporting (paper and pencil survey available)
  • Rate multiple people at a time, reducing administration time for raters
  • Allows for comparative ratings


  • Use as stand-alone development tool or as the perfect complement to the AssessCompetency-based Development Report for coaching and workshops
  • Books, On-line Learning, Courses, and Multimedia suggestions can be customized to the organization


  • Dimensions and behaviors populated directly from your competency model
  • Competency Rankings
  • Behavior Ratings
  • Detailed Development Suggestions for lowest rated competencies
  • Action Planning Guidance

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