Download This Free Recruitment eBook | Recruiting in the Age of Googlization

Is your company struggling to attract and acquire enough qualified workers?  Here’s one reason why: Recruiting in the age of Googlization has structurally changed talent acquisition.  Download this free recruitment ebook about how to recruit faster and hire smarter. The digital revolution has brought countless wonders – the Internet, the World Wide Web, Google, social media, […]

Recruiters Ask Millennials: Can You Hear Me Now?

There is a chasm growing between recruiters, hiring managers, and Millennials seeking jobs.. Ultimately employer’s recruiting and hiring practices are turning off and driving away the very same people they hope to engage. Listen Now! (Only 3 minutes)Recruiters stand on one side viewing the world of job search through their eyes and big screens, often large […]

Recruit Millennials: It’s Not Business As Usual

The Internet and Google has changed our lives. And yet many companies attempt to recruit Millennials like it is business as usual. When speaking to business executives and organizations, the one thing that seems to startle the audience and help put change in perspective, especially functions like Millennial recruiting. is a popular meme that highlight […]

Leadership Competence? Don’t Discard DISC

Many companies are beginning to take leadership competence seriously. But in the transformation, the DISC assessment is often discarded! For those that might be new to either competence or DISC, let me take a few minutes to define each one. Competence is simply the ability to perform a job successfully. Ingredients include abilities, knowledge, skills, […]

6 Vital Website Elements to Recruit Millennials

Does your company website include career pages that include these 6 elements to recruit Millennials? If not, you will likely miss out on this most highly sought after demographic – despite your best intentions.. Unfortunately many companies fall short of their recruiting goals because they underestimate the importance and value of a company’s website.  What follows is a […]

“Hello, It’s Me”; What Recruiters Can Learn From Adele’s Smash Single

Employers and their recruiters seeking top talent might learn a lesson or two from singer sensation Adele. In her mega-hit Hello, Adele asks, “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything?” She follows with “Can you hear me?” Well, jobseekers are asking the same thing to potential […]

Applicant Tracking Software Doesn’t Dehumanize Recruiting, People Do!

Candidates blame applicant tracking software (ATS) for a dehumanizing approach to employee selection. Employers blame the software for high rates of candidate abandonment. But an ATS is not to blame. Truth be told, many employee screening and selection processes were dehumanized long before ATS. Many assumed software was supposed to fix it. But as the […]

Only 18% of Leaders Capable of Leading in VUCA World

In this world of uncertainty, we know one thing for sure – leaders need to be capable of leading their organizations through Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, or VUCA.  According to a recent survey of 13.124 leaders conducted jointly by Development Dimensions International and The Conference Board, “leaders will either succeed well or fail miserably in […]

Employee Motivation: How to Assess “How” and “Why”

Employee motivation is a term thrown about the workplace like you throw a Frisbee in the park on a sunny day. Sometimes you catch it just right. Other times … it seems to take off with a mind of its own. But before we can talk about how to motivate employees, we first must agree […]

6 Steps to Find Top Talent’s “Honey Hole”

Fishing is a fun pastime for many people.  Recruiters don’t have that luxury. I have to admit I know little about fishing. But during my recent interview on Business Builders Show about Recrooglization (or Recruiting in the Age of Googlization), hosts Marty Wolff and Kerry Kearney hooked me with a great analogy shared by fisherman […]