How Motivated Employees Acquire Work Deficiency Syndrome

Typically new hires are motivated employees.  They arrive at the workplace with a positive attitude and lots of energy and ambition. But even the most skilled employee lacks some competence while he or she learns new systems and attempts to integrate into company culture.  But what happens after the first few weeks or months on […]

Good Customer Skills Soothe Customer Rage

Hiring people with good customer service skills may be more important than companies assume.  Ensuring customer questions and problems don’t evolve into customer rage can be prevented with a few simple steps. It turns out that 85 percent of consumers will retaliate against a company if their customer service needs are not met. Other examples of consumers striking […]

Halo Effect: 4 Conditions To Avoid During Employee Evaluations

The termination and subsequent replacement of any employee is painful. And the retention of an under-performing manager, especially a senior manager, is like self-inflicting a wound. There is never a good time and it is always more expensive. Everything we do anymore needs to be done yesterday. The problem solving requirements for managers today are […]

VUCA: Are Your Leadership Skills Growing Obsolete?

Institutions and nation states are now facing inevitable and even predictable, change. But they lack the leadership, flexibility and imagination to adapt. It’s not that their current leaders and pipeline are not smart enough or don’t recognize what’s happening. It’s just that the speed of change is simply overwhelming them. Welcome to the new world […]

7 Deadly Sins of Leadership: Tests to Avoid Hiring Bully Leaders

Passion, confidence, ambition, creativity, focus – these are all highly desirable attributes of any successful leader. But like almost every quality that people possess, when overextended our strengths can become weaknesses. And with just a glance through Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune or a host of other business magazines and journals and you will surely […]

The ABC’s of DISC – What Energizes and De-Energizes Employees

I’ve recently published several posts about how DISC influences individual preferences toward customer service, learning, and even delivering performance reviews. While I received several comments and emails about the content in the articles, a majority of readers inquired about more information about the DISC model and DISC profile tests. I realized I might have put the cart […]

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Your Next Salesperson

When it comes to assessing a candidate’s fit for sales, one size definitely does not fit all. Traits like assertiveness, criticism tolerance (ability to take a no), and resilience may be important to “get past the gatekeeper” and “close the sale.”  But selling complex products or differentiating a company’s services from its competitors require consultative and relationship […]

Good Employee Selection Takes More Than Hiring A Warm Body

Nearly 15 years ago, I created CriteriaOne® – The Whole Person Approach to Employee Selection. It received a trademark shortly thereafter. The concept behind CriteriaOne® was that it took more than one assessment to evaluate the job fit and potential for a candidate or employee.  Despite the growing complexity of jobs thanks to technology, many […]

Leadership Competencies: Senior Management Out of Sync

During a recent consulting project, we were asked to identify the leadership competencies required to lead a fast growing and successful organization.  The project was the first phase of a succession planning initiative. Using our leadership assessment competency identification exercise, we asked the board of directors for their opinions about what management skills will be […]

Why Managers Get Employee Motivation Wrong!

How do you measure employee motivation? How do you know if an employee is motivated enough … or too much? Which motivations positively affect performance, safety, and stress?  Is it possible that some motivations provide short term rewards but adversely affect productivity and profitability in the long run? The subject of employee motivation rivals that […]

What to Do When A Job Applicant Lies on a Pre Employment Test

How do you handle the candidate who lies on his pre employment test? How do you treat an applicant who does not complete the application properly, perhaps leaving out some information because they didn’t feel like filling it out?  Would you ask him to try again, or would you disqualify him from the hiring process? What […]

4 Interview Question Rules To Improve Hiring Success

A favorite interview tactic for many hiring and HR managers is to use interview questions from companies with the most successful recruiting and hiring strategies.  Using interview questions from the best companies is a great idea … except that it’s like trying to lose 50 pounds by popping a magic pill without changing your eating […]

Pre Employment Tests Help Avoid Hiring Remorse

You’ve likely had occasion after purchasing something to have buyer’s remorse. The same thing happens in business. Managers have buyer’s remorse all the time.  Fortunately pre employments tests can help avoid regret and ensure the candidate you interview is the same one who shows up for work. When it comes to the workplace, employee behaviors […]

How Management Can Improve Performance Reviews

Annual performance reviews are under attack. Some experts even boast that employee performance appraisals are dead. But whether you support them or abhor them, one thing seems to gather common ground – the performance review process needs to be improved.  Many management teams are still unsure as to how to effectively leverage an employee’s review […]

4 Types of Candidates You Might Interview

By now you probably know that recruiting the ideal candidate for your business takes more than a heart-stopping resumé and a few glowing references. That’s because the “right fit” is like Mom’s favorite recipe. You just can’t seem to re-create that “secret sauce” no matter how you try because Mom added a dash of this and […]