Press Release | unProductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation

Success Performance Solutions has announced the release of its newest white paper titled unproductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation. With skill gaps widening, time to hire increasing, and 8 out of 10 workers lacking the passion to reach their full potential, “the needle in the labor pool haystack just got buried a lot […]

SPS President Interviewed in PBS documentary

Click on the image to watch the video.                         Pennsylvania College of Technology celebrated its 100th anniversary of educating and training students for skilled jobs in the workforce. This video was broadcast on PBS and includes interviews with school officials, celebrities like Mike Rowe, […]

INC Magazine |Personality Tests for Hiring

                      SPS president Ira S Wolfe was interviewed for this February 2015 article. He discusses the increasing popularity of personality tests in the workplace. Three Success Performance Solutions provides comments about their experience. Download a reprint of the article “Personality Tests and The Rise of […]

Are Workplace Personality Tests Fair?

Despite decades of research, validation, and business case studies, the mere mention of using personality tests in the workplace seems to spark controversy.  Lawyers, government agencies, social advocacy groups, job applicants, and even human resource professionals dive into the discussion with a passion. And in what seems to be an almost annual ritual, The Wall […]

Culture fit? There’s an App for that!

Culture fit is very often the determining factor on whether an employee stays at a job long-term. With one out of two workers quitting before 18 months, managers could use some help. Despite years of urging hiring managers and HR professionals to focus employee selection on cultural and team fit, many hiring decisions still ignore […]

How to Hire Employees Who Don’t Need A Kick in the Butt

Frustrated with hiring employees who only seem to be motivated when you kick them in the butt? You are not alone! Last night, I overheard a waiter sharing with guests at the next table that he really wanted to be an architect but he wasn’t very good with math. “My brother got all the math […]

VUCA: Are Your Leadership Skills Growing Obsolete?

Institutions and nation states are now facing inevitable and even predictable, change. But they lack the leadership, flexibility and imagination to adapt. It’s not that their current leaders and pipeline are not smart enough or don’t recognize what’s happening. It’s just that the speed of change is simply overwhelming them. Welcome to the new world […]

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Your Next Salesperson

When it comes to assessing a candidate’s fit for sales, one size definitely does not fit all. Traits like assertiveness, criticism tolerance (ability to take a no), and resilience may be important to “get past the gatekeeper” and “close the sale.”  But selling complex products or differentiating a company’s services from its competitors require consultative and relationship […]

Candidate Abandonment: A Recruiter’s Nightmare

Candidate abandonment: If management understood anything about it, they would be livid. It’s the debilitating metric that HR hopes never sees the light of day. The trouble is that few companies track it. Most pay no attention despite the fact that high rates indicate potential employees stopping in their tracks. For any organization struggling to […]

Why “Ghosting” in Recruiting Needs to Stop

After clicking submit on a job application, more than half of applicants sit and wait like abandoned lovers waiting for the phone to ring. Many companies seem to have adopted the foolish practice of “ghosting” when it comes to dealing with job applicants. What’s ghosting you ask? Ghosting is a newly popular term for the practice of […]

Why Aesthetics Matter in a Black-and-White World?

“I see dead trees,” Steve told his employer a few years earlier. “And that’s why I’m quitting my job.” Today Steve designs log cabins for a small manufacturer in PA. He’s been working here for about two years.  The owner – his boss – loves his work ethic and his creative ideas have helped the […]

4 Steps to S.T.O.P Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Company

Advice to deal with toxic employees seem more abundant than sand in a desert. The problem is that without cooperation from the employee you might as well be shoveling with a rake! So let’s begin with the employee or manager who feels his success in life is commensurate with how many people he steps on, […]

Whack-A-Mole: Why Your Recruiting Process May Be Broken

You might think that with all the trouble companies are having finding enough qualified and skilled workers that the recruiting function would be working like a well-oiled machine! Think again! Recruiting is broken and management should just hang an “out of order” sign on its door. One reason is that finding a fix shouldn’t be […]

Pre-Hire Assessments: Secret Weapon of Best-in-Class Companies

More and more companies are turning to pre-hire assessments for hiring help. One reason might be that the cost of hiring mistakes has sky-rocketed. Estimates can rise to as much as five times a bad hire’s annual salary, according to Society of Human Resources Management. Whether a termination is involuntary or voluntary or due to […]

6 Recruiting Metrics Your Business Can’t Live Without

In many organizations, the success of recruiting effort is measured by how quickly HR can post a job opening and fill it. Discussions between management and HR about how that success is measured and improvements made are laced with anecdotes, hunches, and ambiguity. The quality of hire is based on gut, not substantive background, and […]

Experts Attest for PeopleClues Test Compliance

We are often asked about the history and development of PeopleClues®, our pre-employment test software. First researched, developed, and validated in the late 1990s, PeopleClues has undergone numerous upgrades, additions, and improvements since then. If anyone is counting it is likely on its 5th or 6th generation. One of the strongest endorsements we can give […]

Who’s the Fairest Candidate of Them All?

When it comes to interviewing candidates (and evaluating employee performance), most of us look into the mirror and hope we see someone like us looking back. The only logical question then is: how’s that working? For most companies, the ready answer is it’s not. That doesn’t mean management completely ignores the problem. Valiant attempts (and […]