Download This Free Recruitment eBook | Recruiting in the Age of Googlization

Is your company struggling to attract and acquire enough qualified workers?  Here’s one reason why: Recruiting in the age of Googlization has structurally changed talent acquisition.  Download this free recruitment ebook about how to recruit faster and hire smarter. The digital revolution has brought countless wonders – the Internet, the World Wide Web, Google, social media, […]

Quick Answers to FAQs about PeopleClues and Other Pre-Employment Test Systems

PeopleClues is one of the fastest growing pre-employment test systems. As part of its growth, questions come up. Prior to a recent webinar, participants were asked to submit questions.  Many reiterated a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQS) about pre-employment tests.  Below is a list of the questions asked and brief responses. To listen […]

A Simple Explanation Why DISC Should NOT Be Used for Hiring!

Is your company using DISC for hiring? Then you’ll want to read this! Paul is the tallest of all his friends.  A stranger might conclude that he is tall for his age and destined to be the center on his school’s basketball team. That is until he stands next to his twin brother Joe, who […]

Best Techniques for Employee Hiring Process

The responsibility of hiring the right people for your organization is huge. As you sift through potentially qualified candidates, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to separate the best from the rest. You want to make sure you present your organization with the people who not only know the most about […]

Sales Aptitude Tests A Key To Success

You’ve got a job opening for a sales professional. You want to do some type of pre-employment testing for sales fit to see how successful the individual will be in the position. Sales aptitude tests provided by Success Performance Solutions can help you make better decisions when hiring sales professionals. A sales aptitude test will […]

Pre Employment Test

Selecting applicants for a job opening is never easy. Make the wrong choice and it could cost your business time and money training the new hire or finding a more qualified replacement. Business hiring requires accuracy and efficiency, which is what you get when you include a pre-employment test into the hiring process. A pre-employment […]

How Can DISC Help Improve Teams?

DISC is one of the most popular employee assessments on the planet. And yet many organizations, its managers, and employees don’t understand how DISC can be used to build better teams. In this 3 minute video Ira S Wolfe discusses how one organization used DISC to understand its management team better. To the executive’s surprise, […]

Podcast: What is Emotional Intelligence

There’s a lot of buzz centered around emotional intelligence right now and with good reason. Cutting edge research into emotional intelligence has shown that emotional intelligence plays an important role in achieving peak performance, well beyond the old standard criteria of years of experience and education.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for emotional intelligence, also […]

Recruiters Ask Millennials: Can You Hear Me Now?

There is a chasm growing between recruiters, hiring managers, and Millennials seeking jobs.. Ultimately employer’s recruiting and hiring practices are turning off and driving away the very same people they hope to engage. Listen Now! (Only 3 minutes)Recruiters stand on one side viewing the world of job search through their eyes and big screens, often large […]

Recruit Millennials: It’s Not Business As Usual

The Internet and Google has changed our lives. And yet many companies attempt to recruit Millennials like it is business as usual. When speaking to business executives and organizations, the one thing that seems to startle the audience and help put change in perspective, especially functions like Millennial recruiting. is a popular meme that highlight […]