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Employee recruiting software, also known as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), has made it easier than ever for businesses to upgrade their recruitment process, qualify/screen applicants, easily access multiple recruitment sources, and build internal talent pools for future use.

The right applicant tracking software (ATS) provides so much more value than just automating the process of collecting applications and storing resumes for future use. An ATS is essential if a business expects to be fully staffed with qualified workers.


Hiring the right person for the job in today’s job market requires simultaneous sourcing through multiple channels such as social media, job boards, print, and your company career site. Unfortunately, seeking those diamonds in the rough increases the flow of unqualified resumes too. The resulting “resu-mess” overwhelms and consumes many recruiters and HR. Without the automation of an ATS, that is a huge problem for most businesses.

For many businesses, employee recruitment is a just-in-time function. Recruiting begins when a job opening occurs through an employee termination or new job creation. But with time to hire ratios and quit rates increasing that means delays in filling positions, especially with skilled and dependable workers in short supply. Over time, our employee recruitment software will help a business build its own internal talent pool upon which it can draw when openings occur.


One of the advantages of using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the ability to measure and monitor results. Our applicant tracking software will allow a company to use multiple sources for recruitment, but as time goes on they will have the data available to tell them here to focus their recruitment efforts.

Another benefit is improved branding and image of an employer by showing a level of sophistication in your business practices. Many times your recruitment efforts will be the first contact a candidate has with your business, and our employee recruiting software presents a progressive company image, a competitive advantage.

The above, coupled with the cost savings from speeding up your hiring process, reducing labor and resources, time spent reviewing, screening, and storing applications, and in turn becoming more efficient and effective, are plenty reason to begin using recruiting software to start hiring the right person for the job.