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A bad candidate experience impacts your company’s bottom line!

Nearly 60% of candidates surveyed said they had a poor candidate experience. 

72% of those candidates shared that experience online or with someone directly.

46 percent of all candidates with a “poor” experience say they’ll sever the business relationship.

Source: Career Arc Survey, 2017 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience

It’s difficult enough to introduce your company to quality candidates. It makes no sense to frustrate them to the point they quit your career site or application. And yet many companies have created a candidate journey that ends prematurely and abruptly, long before a candidate hits submit.

The Success Performance Solutions Candidate Experience Audit may be the perfect tool to help you design a positive candidate journey from the candidate’s first impression through the application and follow-up.  We will your review website through a candidate’s eyes and apply for a job(s) to experience what it’s like to apply. We’ll examine each interaction point in your hiring process.

What’s Included in the SPS Candidate Experience Audit?

Many companies focus the audit on the application. It’s important to start at the “top of the funnel.” Nearly 60% of candidates visit your company’s career site before they apply. First impressions matter when it comes to a great candidate experience. A candidate’s journey begins with a company’s home page navigation, career page, job search, social media pages, search engine optimization (SEO), job posting, and overall user experience. The SPS candidate experience audit looks at all of it!

Comprehensive Report and Analysis

Screenshots of each step of a candidate’s journey

(Home page, Career page, Job Posting, Job Application, Candidate notifications)

Descriptions of each “pain point”

Recommendations for improvement

What Should You Expect?

Our candidate experience audit is a candid, honest, 3rd party no-holds barred, no-excuses evaluation of your recruiting and hiring process.  If you’re looking for a sugar-coated “good job” report or have got a thin-skin, the candidate experience audit isn’t for you. BUT if you’re looking to optimize the candidate experience at your company and can keep an open-mind, let’s talk now.

What this audit is not?

The candidate experience audit is limited to the “evaluation and diagnosis” of problems in layout, content, user-design, navigation, and other factors that may be frustrating candidates. It will include recommendations and we’ll even prioritize what needs to be corrected first. But it does not include our time or services to fix what’s not working. (Think of the audit as the x-ray, not the treatment!)  

Success Performance Solutions does offer services, software, and technology to help make changes to your recruitment and hiring processes. We’d be honored to help you create the optimal candidate experience should you decide to do so.

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Fees for this HR audit service will include a comprehensive report and 1 hour consult to review results.