Prevue Pro APS

Recruit Faster. Hire Smarter. Retain Longer.

Screen Applicants Faster and Hire More Qualified Employees

“It’s been a crazy season and I don’t know how we would have managed without PrevueAPS!”

Amanda R.
Operations Manager
Plant Essentials Inc.

  • Are you wasting too much time sorting through piles of resumes?
  • Are your frustrated by interviewing too many unqualified candidates?
  • Eliminate headaches and the “resu-mess” – Screen candidates with Prevue APS Pro

The PREVUE APS PRO applicant tracking system software enables employers to use customizable and scorable interview filtering questions, screening and selection assessments and easily screen and store an unlimited number of applicants for easy retrieval.

PREVUE APS PRO can be used by any size business, from 3 to 100,000 employees. HR department or hiring manager can collect resumes in a scorable format, screen candidates with customized filter questions, assess candidates with up to three personality tests, provide recommended interview questions and provide EEO and sourcing reports and information to assist in making the final selection decision and meeting legal requirements. ALL for one low fee.

At every stage in the screening process, you decide who advances. With this comprehensive applicant tracking system software, you decide when to use comprehensive reports to make a more thorough evaluation.

PREVUE APS PRO ensures all applicants are treated fairly and objectively. Highly valid and reliable assessments anchor a structured selection process that eliminates legal pitfalls.

Candidates experience a typical job board application process with automatic test administration. The organization is spared virtually all administrative burden. The hiring managers attention is focused on critical Rapid Screening Data (RSD) metrics, to support the best decision-making process possible.

The highest investment returns imaginable are made possible by PREVUE APS PRO. You can process an unlimited number of applicants for a job opening with no additional cost. More candidates can be evaluated on characteristics that impact performance, and better hiring decisions can be made with this applicant tracking system software.

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