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Success Performance Solutions is a thought leader and well-respected consulting firm in the human resources and talent acquisition industry, providing clients solutions for recruiting, employee testing, leadership development, and multi-generation management. Its founder and president has written over 2,000 articles and 5 books on workforce trends, employee motivation and values, and managing the multi-generation workforce. On this page are links to free whitepapers, book excerpts, featured article, and more. Come back and visit frequently as new downloads and content are added and updated frequently.

When The SHIFT Hits Your Plan | VUCA

Every 60 seconds we change more than most of us imagine. Watch this short video - you'll be amazed! (...and by the way, Bill Gates made

Manufacturers' Summit VIII Handouts...and More

Thank you for attending The Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Manufacturers' Summit VIII To download a copy of Ira's keynote presentation, click here. To register

Thank You for Downloading Recrooglization: Recruiting in the Age of Google

Thank you for downloading Recrooglization | Recruiting in the Age of Googlization. (Click on the link.) If you have any problems downloading the paper, please contact us

Free Behavioral Interview Question Generator

One key factor and common element in hiring success is the quality of the interview. Providing your hiring managers with the right interview questions so that your

Free Chapter: What You Need to Know about the Millennial Generation

The Millennials, also know as Generation Y, Gen Y and at least a dozen other labels, is now the largest single generation (35%) in the

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3 Steps to Screen Faster, Hire Smarter There are three steps that companies can take to screen faster and hire smarter, according to this new

Free Interview Questions Guide for Employers

What Interview Questions Employers Can and Can't Ask The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) and other agencies and laws protecting employees require that the interview questions you

Employer's Guide for Pre Employment Testing and Assessment

In today’s competitive marketplace and complex legal environment, employers face the challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining the best employees. Michael Eisner, former CEO of

10 Reasons Hiring Managers Fear Employment Tests

  Free White Paper Click Here to download "10 Reasons Hiring Managers Fear Employment Tests."

Free Download - 360 Degree Evaluation Feedback Guide

An effective 360 multi-rater evaluation process begins with a 360 tool that starts a conversation about performance, not ends it. Too often, management expects the

Free White Paper - Screen Faster, Hire Smarter

According to multiple surveys, more than 6 out of 10 organizations are struggling to recruit enough qualified workers. Nearly 50 percent of open positions go

7 Surefire Steps to Hiring Top Performers

The ultimate guide to hiring and developing top performers using employee testing and other screening assessments. The ‘right’ - or ‘best’ - employee means different