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The behavioral interview is the most popular assessment tool a company has to evaluate the fit of a candidate. Yet it remains one of the most vulnerable in terms of predicting hiring success. Providing your hiring managers with the right interview questions is a must so that your job candidate interviews are more predictive of job success and defensible against charges of discrimination. The right questions can be a huge factor in avoiding bad hires and the costs associated with them. If you can help your company avoid just one bad hire, you have saved them thousands of dollars.

Success Performance Solutions offers a complete package for conducting job-related interviews including job competencies, interview questions, target behaviors (look-for answers) and rating tools to help make interviews as well as the entire employee screening and selection process more effective.

Many of our pre-employment tests include recommended interview questions, personalized to the assessment responses of your candidate. 

The Big 5 Assessments suite is a package of pre-employment assessment tests and benchmark tools that identify candidates with an aptitude for on-the-job success. With the Big 5 employee assessments, employers can mix and match job candidates to 120+ benchmarked job templates and screen for specific job skills, aptitude, job fit, employee attitude and even counter-productive behaviors. These applicants can then be compared to employees in multiple industries, jobs, and roles.

Elite Assessment System is a set of leading edge, validated employee assessment tests that measure personality traits, cognitive skills, mechanical aptitude, employee attitude and reasoning abilities.  It includes more than 2 dozen “off-the-shelf” validates assessments for the most in-demand jobs as well as proprietary software to customize your own assessments using one of our 110+ test items.  It’s one of most affordable solutions developed by one of the industry’s leading psychometricians.

ASSESS employee testing software accommodates every stage of the employee life cycle delivering five different report formats: Standard, Screening, Selection, Development and 360 Multi-rater Feedback. What’s more, every assessment is validated, predictive, and compliant with EEO. ASSESS job assessment tests give you results that are written in “plain English” too – no psychologist necessary! ASSESS is designed and has been used for the evaluation of a variety of managerial, supervisory, and professional positions. It’s perfect for all levels of management, leadership and sales plus benchmarked job templates for more than 70 positions.

We also offer a number of free resources including white papers, cheat sheets, and references to other web sites that might be helpful.

You can also click here for access to a free behavioral interview question generator. You can use this tool to get free behavioral interview questions for your next interview.

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