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Every 60 seconds we change more than most of us imagine. Watch this short video – you’ll be amazed!

(…and by the way, Bill Gates made about $23,000!)

Change doesn’t wait for you to give it an appointment. It drops in whenever it feels like it. Disruption has become the new normal. It can be your friend…or your Kryptonite.  It has created a SHIFT in how we live, work, and play. It has created an environment that the military calls VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. The scope and velocity of change today is much more disruptive than most people are willing to admit.

McKinsey & Company suggests that change happens 10 times faster and 300 times the scale than it did just a century ago, creating 3000 times the impact.  The reality is that you can be on the top of the world today and hanging on for dear life tomorrow. And most of the time it’s not the technology or a known industry competitor that your organization needs to worry about…it’s complacency that makes management most vulnerable.

When The Shift Hits Your Plan

In this FREE White Paper you will learn how the industry brand name and iconic American institution Eastman Kodak went bankrupt in the same year (2012) Facebook purchased another image-capture company called Instagram for over $1 Billion. You will learn how advances in artificial intelligence, products like self-driving vehicles, and technologies like 3D printing will eliminate 90 to 95 million jobs in the next 5 to 10 years, leaving 20% of those people unemployable (and this includes many executives and other professionals).

Organizations and individuals alike have two options: SHIFT or Get Shifted. You can’t survive for long without learning to breathe VUCA in…and learn how to exhale solutions and effective change management out. This white paper is a conversation starter for every organization and individual. Whether you’re the CEO of a large organization or worker seeking to grow your skills, this white paper will get you thinking – will I be next? It’s designed to challenge your assumptions and serve as a catalyst for effective change management. When the SHIFT Hits Your Plan will jump start the questions you need to ask  and will lay the groundwork to build a better road map and VUCA survival guide.

When the SHIFT Hits Your Plan is also a book in progress, scheduled to be published in early 2017. Download the white paper today and you’ll receive updates and enter a drawing for a signed copy of the book. Change is also the focus of Ira’s TEDxLehighRiver talk. In the truest sense of what it takes to grow and prosper in a VUCA world, vision, understanding, and community are keys. Please share this paper at work and at home.  Share it with your colleagues, your bosses, your employees, your spouse/partner and children. Start some conversations about SHIFT and VUCA on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. VUCA has no boundaries. It affects everyone, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

Mostly I welcome…no, I encourage…you to share your thoughts, comments, recommendations, personal stories, and effective change management strategies and experiences with me. How is VUCA influencing and impacting your business and personal lives? How are you dealing with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?

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