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3 Steps to Screen Faster, Hire Smarter

There are three steps that companies can take to screen faster and hire smarter, according to this new white paper.

To read more about this white paper in this article published on Fox News Small Business Center.

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10 Reasons Managers Fear Pre-Employment Tests

Despite rising costs associated with bad hiring decisions and a growing bank of evidence that integrating employment assessments into employee selection reduces turnover and improves performance, many companies and their managers still object to their use. This just released white paper includes responses and explanations to each of the ten most common fears.

“10 Reasons Managers Fear Pre-Employment Tests” is available for immediate download.


 7 Surefire Steps to Hiring Top Performers

The ‘right’ – or ‘best’ – employee means different things to different hiring mangers. This popular white paper outlines 7 critical steps every company must consider if they want to consistently hire top performers. This white paper is the ultimate guide to screening, hiring, and developing top performers.

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What Interview Questions Employers Can and Can’t Ask

Join the tens of thousands of hiring managers, HR professionals, small business owners, and consultants who have download this free interview question guide.  This free e-book lists the 22 interview question categories with sample questions you can and cannot ask.

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What You Need to Know about the Millennial Generation

Receive a FREE chapter from the best selling about about managing multiple generations in the workplace: Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization.

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 Who Are the 4 Generations in the Workplace?

There is a lot of talk these days about generational gaps, generational fatigue, geeks vs geezers, young vs. old in the workplace. What is unique to these discussion is that for the first time in history, four generations are working side-by-side in the workplace, sometimes with age gaps of 70 years!.  This free chapter from the book Geeks, Geezers, and Googlization describes each of the four generations along with a brief summary of their respective significant values.

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Tube Tops, Flip Flops, Body Piercings (and Tattoos, too)

When Baby Boomer managers interviewed for their first jobs, even facial hair for men and open-toe shoes for women were a no-no. Today, facial hair is commonplace and hair length runs from the shaven head to a neatly tied pony-tail. Female candidates arrive to the interview with cleavage exposed and “dressy” flip-flops. What’s up with the dress code in the workplace today.

You can read more by downloading a FREE chapter from Geeks Geeks Googlization titled “Tube Tops, Flip Flops, and Body Piercings.”



Employer’s Guide for Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment

In today’s competitive marketplace and complex legal environment, employers face the challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining the best employees. This guide is designed to help managers and human resource (HR) professionals use employee assessment practices to reach their organizations’ HR goals. (Published by the U.S. Department of Labor.)

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Free Chapter about Employee Motivation from Understanding Business Values and Motivators

To assess good company culture – employee fit, management and HR first must be able to identify and quantify the motivators that drive customer and employee behavior and then figure out what rewards and benefits they can provide that push the right buttons. One model that helps companies create a blueprint for employee motivators and business values is based on the work of Eduard Spranger. The book Understanding Business Values and Motivators identifies six core values that drive employee behaviors and therefore employee engagement and productivity.

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Understanding Business Values and Motivators is now available on Kindle