How does personality assessment testing help find the right employee for the job?

ersonality assessment testsBefore we get into personality assessment testing, let’s start with what personality is.

Personality is typically defined as the unique bundle of motivations, attitudes and behaviors that make each of us who we are. One individual’s personality package may be outgoing, creative, and excitable. Another could be reserved, organized, and calm.  Our personality for the most part is “hard-wired” during our formative years; at least the parts not wired genetically.

But what happens when the quiet speak up and the assertive are silenced, when the slob at home gets organized at work, and the perfectionist makes repeated mistakes? Do aliens suddenly take over their bodies to do these weird things? Or can people really change their personality so easily?

As it turns out, most of us confuse core personality with behavior.

Behavior is observable.  It doesn’t take a scientists or psychological to see how someone responds to problems, people, pace, and procedures.  But behaviors are often the “masks” we wear to cover up our core personality traits.

Fortunately most of our personality cores and observable behaviors are aligned.  But occasionally we get the shy extrovert and the perfectionist who is careless.

For the longest time, companies just didn’t care about personality.  When a hiring mistake was made, the cost of turnover was low and a dozen qualified candidates were standing in line.

Well the good old days are history. We’ve moved onto a new chapter in talent management and the costs of hiring mistakes and employee turnover are enormous.  And to add insult to injury, the time it takes to find a qualified replacement is skyrocketing.

Fortunately personality assessment tests can really help.

Hiring managers can see only behavior. They can’t see personality when the two aren’t aligned.  A candidate can also learn to modify his behavior at the interview but his personality still remains intact. As soon as he walks out the door, the mask comes off.  In other words, I may love the way the Porsche 911 looks sitting in the parking lot but I really have no clue how it drives.  For all I know, someone might have replaced the engine with one from a Prius Hybrid.

And that’s exactly what happens every time a recruiter or manager interviews a candidate.  The candidate puts on his game behavior and the manager tries to figure out if this is really the person who will show up for work. Unfortunately candidates seem to be much better at playing the game than managers are at decoding the playbook.

When it comes to the workplace, behaviors are like the wrapping on the gift (or the body of the car as I mentioned above.) Sometimes the shape of the box and the design of the paper give away hints to what is inside. Other times the gift inside turns out to be something totally unexpected.

Many of today’s hiring decisions are based on the “gift wrap,” i.e. behaviors. After the gift is unwrapped and the proverbial honeymoon is over, all that is left is what’s inside – the personality. And many managers are wishing they kept the receipts because they are now stuck with very expensive unwanted gifts. Personality assessment testing is here to help.

Personality assessment tests save companies the enormous expense, heartache and embarrassment of hiring a “great personality” that turns out to be a performance disappointment. Personality assessment testing for employee selection, based on what is known as the five-factor model, is widely validated and accepted by researchers. They are approved by respected psychological associations like the American Psychological Association and British Psychological Society and even agencies like Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Department of Labor.

Personality assessment tests are proven assets in the war for talent. They help uncover who a person really is and how they will fit a company culture, fit on a team, and will likely perform a job.

And one more thing. I’m often asked if our personality can change. For example, your newly hired but underperforming salesperson refuses to use your CRM. He procrastinates calling prospects.  Your hire a sales coach to “treat” his call reluctance. You invest thousands in training and provide phone scripts. You offer bonuses and other sales incentives.  You cross your fingers and say a prayer, hoping his behavior will change.

Does it work? Not likely. Why?  Because personality rarely changes after adolescence. When it does, change happens slowly and most organizations aren’t willing to make the investment or wait for it to pay off. When it does, there is also a very good chance the core personality will reveal itself again or the employee burns out masquerading behind the mask day after day.

Five-factor personality assessment tests are a convenient, affordable, and proven solution to help hiring managers easily separate the achievers from the laggards, the risk-takers from the risk-averse, the outgoing from the reserved, and the relaxed from the impulsive. Personality assessment testing helps predict if an individual will adapt and lead change, display leadership or sales ability, and benefit from coaching and development.

When looking to build an organization of people with the “right stuff”, think personality assessment tests. Breakthroughs in technologies and volumes of empirical research are beginning to crack the code for identifying and developing top performer before you hire. Personality assessment testing can help you find these top performers.

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