Your business lives or dies on your ability to find, hire and keep qualified, competent and engaged employees. But that job is getting harder, particularly on the recruiting side, according to a recent survey. While most HR professionals say that finding good job candidates is the biggest challenge they face, there are ways to loosen that bind, experts say.

Recruiters can expect to face tough competition as the war for talent heats up, according to a survey of 1,100 HR professionals conducted by Talent Technology, a recruiting software firm. Given the reduced number of qualified applicants looking for jobs, it will be highly beneficial for recruiters to make sure  they have a strategy for sourcing, marketing to and engaging with the right candidates when they need them.

There are three steps that companies can take to screen faster and hire smarter, according to a new white paper from Success Performance Solutions, an employment testing firm. Recruiters should start by using sourcing channels such as classified ads, job boards, social media and internal job boards more effectively.

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