About Success Performance Solutions

Recruit Faster. Hire Smarter. Retain Longer.

Success Performance Solutions is one of the premier providers of employment testing, leadership tests, and applicant tracking software for small and medium-sized business. We’ve been helping all types of companies hire the right employee for over two decades!

Founder and President Ira S Wolfe is recognized as one of the industry thought leaders in employee assessment and workforce trends.

Established in 1996, Success Performance Solutions consistently differentiates itself from the competition by offering employee selection solutions that exceed industry standards. But testing solutions are not enough. To meet the demands of each client, we customize delivery and implementation from hand-holding the small mom-and-pop business owner to turn-key subscriptions for companies with up to 10,000 employees.

How well are we doing with this promise and commitment? We are not just another vendor. Our client loyalty and business growth tells the story. Our company continues to grow every year (even through the recession) and is very proud of our 90 percent customer retention rate. Even customers who leave come back again – no one takes care of clients like Success Performance Solutions.

Success Performance Solutions is committed to becoming business partner you can’t function without. was built on a relentless commitment to be the best, deliver unsurpassed customer service and support, be a trustworthy partner, and innovate and adapt continuously. Despite massive disruptions in the labor markets and human resources industry, Success Performance Solutions is still the most admired company when it companies to helping its clients recruit, select, develop, and retain top talent. We can help you hire the right employee for any job, and more importantly, we can help you keep them.

Whether you outsource your applicant tracking, employee screening or people analytics services to us or we become your virtual back office, we are ready and committed to be your most valuable human resource partner. Learn how to hire the right employee today!