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As one of the industry’s most respected employee testing experts, Success Performance Solutions and its President are in the news frequently. From local media interviews to coverage in the likes of Business Week, Forbes, Fox Small Business, Huffington Post, and more, HR expert Ira S Wolfe shares his thoughts and successes on hiring and workforce trends.

Dentists Not Smiling Over Dental Assistant Shortage

Broader career Opportunities keep Job openings open By SANDY ECKERT Contributing Writer Thirteen ads in a recent edition of a local newspaper asked dental assistants and hygienists to apply for jobs. The openings offer evidence of a nationwide shortage that has also hit this area. Dr. Kenneth Loeffler of Lancaster said he doesn’t have a […]

Labor Union Experts Say Money Is No Longer An Issue

Lancaster Sunday News by Gail Rippey September 2, 2001 Today’s labor unions are no longer your father’s image of collective bargaining. “The purpose of unions today is not the same as when they started, to protect workers from the sweatshops,” said Ira Wolfe, owner of Success Performance Solutions, a business consulting firm that studies work […]

Firms testing their employees’ personality traits

Firms testing their employees’ personality traits

BUSINESS MONDAY, February 5, 2001 By Susan Lindt Intelligencer Journal Staff It’s a matter of dollars and cents. Make that dollars and sensibilities. Personality profiling, the latest buzz term to hit local businesses, might just turn a strife-torn workplace into a kinder, gentler office. While the application seems new, business consultant Ira Wolfe said “personality […]