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How to Identify Employees Who Value Continuous Learning

If you ever wondered if your employees value continuous learning as much as you do (or is required by the industry or your company culture), you’ll want to read this post. Companies spend billions of dollars  each year on employee training. Unfortunately much of it falls on deaf ears. Let me introduce you to the Conceptual Value, one […]

Press Release | unProductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation

Press Release | unProductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation

Success Performance Solutions has announced the release of its newest white paper titled unproductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation. With skill gaps widening, time to hire increasing, and 8 out of 10 workers lacking the passion to reach their full potential, “the needle in the labor pool haystack just got buried a lot […]

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Employee Motivation

Employee motivation is one of the most discussed and debated topics in business today – just as it’s been for decades.  Whether it is how to attract better applicants or retain current employees, motivation is what management  talks about. Motivation also remains one of the most misunderstood topics in companies today. Nearly every theory – […]

Why People With Emotional Intelligence Get Paid More

If you still feel that emotional intelligence is just some over-hyped theory, maybe this finding will get your attention. According to a recent study from the University of Bonn, published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior in November 2014, individuals who displayed emotional intelligence were more likely to bring home a bigger paycheck than their […]

Attitude Virus Hacks Workforce Productivity, Cost Millions

This is B. Raking News reporting from WWRN – that’s Whatever Works Right Now! The station that sounds great but never gets results. While hackers worldwide are circulating the Internet and invading your personal accounts, the At-E-2D Virus is infecting your employees. Business owners and managers representing organizations of all sizes across the country are […]

Employee Motivation: Finally An Explanation That Makes Sense

Employee motivation and cholesterol have a lot in common! First of all, both are essential for life.  We need motivation to thrive.  We need cholesterol to protect us from heart attacks and strokes.  Next, we can have too much motivation or too much cholesterol, both excesses impeding our lifestyle. Third, both motivation and cholesterol come […]