Success Performance Solutions has announced the release of its newest white paper titled

unproductive: The Dirty Little Secret about Employee Motivation.

With skill gaps widening, time to hire increasing, and 8 out of 10 workers lacking the passion to reach their full potential, “the needle in the labor pool haystack just got buried a lot deeper for companies looking for skilled and qualified workers,” says SPS President Ira S Wolfe.

Most companies have done an excellent job increasing productivity in the areas of operations and finance, Wolfe admits, who is also author of the paper. But when it comes to motivating unproductive employees, many companies are still missing the mark.

“Overall productivity has improved significantly thanks to technology and automation,” Wolfe says. “But companies still tolerate a host of employee behavior idiosyncrasies and distractions that “leak” productivity and profits. With little room for error these days, companies can’t afford this employee productivity leakage anymore.”

unProductive is based on decades of academic research and professional experience using a motivational model called Quality of Motivation. The Quality of Motivation redefines motivation as a skill, not just some abstract behavior, that managers know when they see it. Since motivation is a skill, it can be taught and improved. It also exposes the danger of “more is better” when it comes to motivation.

This “business-friendly” paper is an introduction to the world of Quality of Motivation.  While written for executives and managers, any individual looking to reach his or her full potential will benefit too.

Its content includes:

  • 4 Personal Power Dimensions that drive success (Ambition, Accountability, Awareness, and Agility)
  • Counter-productive behaviors that derail performance and careers
  • Why managers use Quality of Motivation
  • Why Quality of Motivation is different (and better) than other approaches
  • How Quality of Motivation works
  • Plus more

Download the white paper unproductive today and find out how you can start motivating unproductive employees to be more productive, effective, and efficient starting today.

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