“This [interview about Recruiting in the Age of Googlization}] is a clinic for small business owners and HR.”

Those were the words used by Business Builder Show hosts Marty Wolff and Kerry Kearney to describe this interview with Success Performance Solutions President and author Ira S Wolfe.

If you missed the interview you can listen here to Recrooglization: Recruiting in the Age of Googlization interview on the November 28 Business Builders Show. Learn what’s ahead in 2016 along with a 5-step guide to recruiting Millennials and other generations too.

Of course  you might be asking what is Recrooglization, the word coined by Ira Wolfe to describe the current state of recruiting.  It’s simple – it’s the practice of blending the art of recruiting with the science of Google.

What does Google have to do with recruiting you might be asking? Google has disrupted and transformed the way people operate, communicate and interact online. The company put information at our fingertips and took big data mainstream. By doing so, it leveled the playing field between companies and customers, employers and employees. Just as candidates need to attract recruiters, recruiters now need to attract candidates and using the tools and science of Google is essential. From company career sites to SEO and mobile recruiting, mastering Google is a key ingredient in the developing a winning recruitment process.

The digital age offers many ways for companies to engage job seekers, especially those companies struggling to hire enough qualified workers. Blasting a “help wanted” message out using traditional recruiting tactics isn’t one of them. Listen to this guide to recruiting in the age of Google and learn how to attract and acquire top talent in 2016 and beyond.

You can also learn more about Recruiting in the Age of Googlization by downloading this free white paper or contacting Success Performance Solutions at 800-803-4303.