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How to Recruit Successfully in the Age of Googlization

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The success of your company depends on employing a team of qualified, competent, and engaged employees who keep every aspect of your business running smoothly. But the ability to be fully staffed and productive is getting much harder.

The convergence of disruptive trends such as an aging workforce, unprecedented pace of technology and automation, globalization, growing skill gaps. and at least a half dozen other factors is a catalyst for a revolutionary change in the way businesses operate. No function is more impacted than recruiting. Several business-changing consequences result.

  • Too many unqualified applicants congest the hiring process, making it harder to find qualified applicants and extending the duration of job openings.
  • When jobs remain unfilled, related tasks are either delegated to inexperienced staff, or not performed at all.  As a result the company’s overall productivity and profitability suffers and some companies delay or scale back strategic initiatives.
  • Alternatively, some companies feel compelled to hire people who are a poor fit for the job, either temperamentally or professionally. The result is that two-in-five hiring managers attributed a bad hire to pressure to fill the job opening.  This leads to employee turnover, mistakes and accidents, and overall inefficiency.


The new reality is if your business is going to compete effectively, it must hire (and retain) the most talented people in your industry. Traditional recruiting practices are no longer good enough to meet the challenges and demands. Going forward, modern recruitment practices must be multi-faceted, streamlined and responsive too. The only viable option is for companies to update their HR recruitment methods and start recruiting smarter to hire faster… and that is what this HR white paper is all about.

So with much resistance, kicking, and shouting, it’s time for companies and specifically HR to embrace the world as it is today. Businesses can no longer expect to attract and engage workers if they continue to function like it were 1970, 1984 or even 2001. Increasingly, Googlization has changed modern recruitment methods to the point that traditional hiring practices are rendered dysfunctional, inefficient, and likely obsolete.

Recrooglization is the solution to the complex convergence of the Art of Recruiting and the Science of Google. And Recrooglization; Recruiting in the Age of Googlization is an HR white paper that describes the state of recruiting and how to deal with it. I hope you enjoy reading and learning about using modern recruitment methods to succeed in today’s labor market.

Download Recruitment Tips White Paper Now!

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