Today, we’re talking with entrepreneurs and members of Gen-Z,  TJ Callari and Isabel Goodman. There were some great takeaways during this episode in regards to the older generation’s mindset on the younger’s work-ethic, the change in traditional education, and how this generation may change the world of politics.

Getting his start in the business world at 14 years old, TJ used the money he earned from odd jobs to buy his first professional camera and start a multimedia company. He soon expanded into audio and even hired a few employees. He continued to run this company through his teens while also holding down two jobs and going to school. Then, at only 18 and while in college, he started a digital marketing agency, Blue LotusEnterprises with his girlfriend Isabel.

Keith and I love how this work ethic example truly breaks the mold on what many have as their stereotypical idea of millennials in the workforce. [Let me just put a side note here about Millennials.  While there’s no hard line date when Millennials stop and Gen Z begins, most studies would probably assign the Gen Z “label” to TJ and Isabel. Right or wrong, most people are still including 18 and up in the Millennial.] The point is this: While there are some (as in every generation) that continue to live off their parents, stay out of the work-force, and don’t pursue an education, TJ’s perspective on his generation is definitely that it’s an entrepreneurial one. Commenting on the networking capability that the internet and social media has created, this generation has more of an opportunity to live the life they want to than any generation before, and they’re doing it!

In terms of college, the definition of success is changing, and along with it, so is workforce culture and traditional education. With people’s mentality being one where they’re now asking “How can I make work, work for me?”, the desire to pursue a life that aligns with their passions is the goal- a goal that is completely attainable thanks to the connectivity of social media and the internet.

TJ encourages his generation to live independently from their parents’ money, join the workforce before college, and acquire skills. Get a degree, start your own venture, or, if you find that your passion lies in setting your own hours and working from your couch, do that.

There is an endless wealth of resources available online. Free courses, information, podcasts, whatever it is that relates to your passion – is out there. Educate yourself on how to market, build websites, or create an e-commerce store. Pick the product or service that you have a passion for and go for it.

Isabel’s advice? “It’s a freelance economy and big companies aren’t turning to the largest ad agencies anymore. They’re turning to the most innovative. Do what you’re passionate about so that you do a good job, and then, when you do a good job people will notice.”