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eSkill office skill pre-employment tests provide employers all the information they need to know about applicant and employees’ knowledge, skill gaps, and training opportunities. Our testing software is fully automated, easy to administer, and most importantly, a valuable tool in assessing the basic office skills of prospective employees.  Our skill testing library includes the popular typing test and data entry test as well as industry specific tests for engineering, construction trades, healthcare, accounting, marketing, sales, and more.

Why A Typing Test Should Be A Requirement For Job Candidates. Read more.

Why eSkill?

  • Employers can choose from over 350 subjects, 3,400 topics, and 54,000 questions.
  • Topics and subjects include MS Office suite, typing, English and other languages, math, data entry tests, and hundreds more.
  • You can even build custom tests by uploading job- and industry-specific questions through our eSkill Editor.
  • Affordable for very small to Fortune 500 companies – purchase as few as 10 tests or monthly to yearly unlimited use subscriptions


Why use a data entry test and/or typing test?  Read this article about how employers improve productivity and accuracy and even improve retention.

To ensure that our clients can benefit from the flexibility to design their own tests as well as choose from ready-made, complete and time-efficient online assessments, we provide access to several types of tests, to fit specific testing needs:

• Single-Subject Tests are predefined assessments consisting of 40 questions from a single subject of interest.

• Job-Based Tests are off-the-shelf tests containing 40 questions selected from several subjects of interest, targeted on the most relevant skills required for each job position.

• Multi-Subject Tests are automatically generated tests, focused on beginner or advanced-level skills, which combine questions from a maximum of 4 subjects of interest.

• Custom Tests allow clients to create their own tests by manually selecting questions from all available subjects.

Good office skill testing software eliminates guesswork and ensures that you find the right person has the right skills for the job and identify opportunities for training of current employees.

Below is a short list of subjects and topics. Complete the form to the right to request more information about each skill test category:

  • Typing test
  • Data Entry test
  • Abilities and Work Skills
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Communication
  • Management
  • Microsoft Office Software
  • Retail and Sales
  • Distribution
  • Marketing

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