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Custom Build Pre-Employment Testing to Fit Your Job and Company Culture

Are you tired of using “one-size-fits-all” pre-employment assessment tools and paying for information you don’t need or want? Then building your own custom tests for employees with the Elite Profile System is your answer.

A proprietary feature of Elite Profile System is that each scale is individually validated.  That ensures the ability of each organization to test candidates and employees on only the skills, abilities, and traits unique to the culture and relevant to the job.  You can mix and match any of the scales listed below to create your own custom tests for employees.  Create one for each job and each department. Build as many as you need with no customization fee! The only limitation is the maximum number of scales per test is 10.

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Basic Skills, Abilities, Attitudes, and Traits
Achievement Drive* Artistic* Assertiveness*
Attention to Detail Can-Do Attitude Candidness*
Conventional* Creativity Customer Care
Drug-Free Attitudes* Mathematical & Logical Reasoning Verbal Reasoning
Energy* Enterprising* Extraversion*
Flexibility* Good Citizen Helping Disposition*
Influence Inspection Interpersonal Skills*
Investigative* Kindness Language Skills
Leadership* Light Industrial Math Math Skills*
Non-Violent Attitudes* Organization Planning
Problem Solving Interest* Reading Comprehension Realistic*
Reasoning Reliability* Rules Compliance*
Safety* Self Confidence* Self Control
Service* Social* Spatial Reasoning
Stress Management* Supervision* Tables
Team Care Team Player* Trustworthiness*
Work Ethic *available in English and Spanish
Compassion Patient Relations Stress Tolerance
Team Player
Call Center – Sales
Achievement Drive Assertiveness Positive Attitude
Reliability Self Confidence Service Ability
Call Center – Service
Customer Relations Stress Management Team Player
Willingness to Help
Mechanical Aptitude Tests
Electrical* Measurement* Mechanical Movement
Physical Properties* Spatial Relations Tools*
Situational Judgment Test-Sales
Customer Focus Drive and Persistence Listening Skills
Sales Strategies
Situational Judgment Test-Service
Conscientiousness Interpersonal Skills Listening Skills
Service Orientation
Situational Judgment Test-Supervisor
Communication Conscientiousness Motivation
Team Orientation
Situational Judgment Test-Management
Communication Decision Making Delegation
Employee Relations
Situational Judgment Test-Team
Flexibility Team Spirit Trust
Positive Attitude Profile
Dedication Initiative Open Mindedness
OCEAN – 5 Factor Test
Openness Conscientiousness Extraversion
Agreeableness Non-Negativity

Download a copy of the 100+ scales available in the Elite Pre-Employment Testing Profile Systems (partial list) and start building your custom pre-employment testing now.

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