The responsibility of hiring the right people for your organization is huge. As you sift through potentially qualified candidates, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to separate the best from the rest. You want to make sure you present your organization with the people who not only know the most about the job, but who will also be able to complement the strengths and weaknesses of current employees. One of the best techniques you can use to help narrow down your pool of potential employees is pre-employment screening tests. As a professional and highly accomplished provider of pre-employment, leadership, and applicant tracking software, Success Performance Solutions works with customers on a daily basis who have made our pre-employment testing software a permanent part of their hiring process. Our customers use our pre-employment screening tests again and again because they know it produces the kind of hiring results their organizations need in order to thrive in the competitive world of business.

Best Hiring ProcessFew understand the magnitude of a wrong hiring decision. From hiring people unqualified for a position to hiring immature personalities that will wrap up your business in PR nightmares, you want to make sure you give your business people of value who will work with the best interests of the business and the people who make it a business in mind. There’s no way to predict the future, but with pre-employment testing from Success Performance Solutions, at least you can give your business the best chance possible of hiring the best people for the job. We offer pre-employment screening tests designed for specific industries, and the ability for our customers to design their own company and organization specific tests.

Examples of some of the things you can measure with our pre-employment screening tests include:

Leadership Competency – because being a leader requires a high level of competency in a wide range of business related skills. In addition to having basic interpersonal skills, candidates for leadership positions must also have an understanding and mastery of advanced leadership skills like communication and emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence – the degree to which your potential hire has the ability to recognize, understand, and manage human emotions. Human emotions play a bigger role in private business than people think, and the ability of a leader or team member to understand emotional intelligence can make or break a project.

Honesty & Integrity – specifically as it relates to your business. Honesty and integrity testing can gauge an applicant’s honesty and dependability. As a result of these tests, we can also put a measurement on potential for hostility. Depending on the type of environment where your employees will work, you also have the option of testing for a job applicant’s attitudes about things like sexual harassment, substance abuse, and misuse of work computers.

No matter the size of your organization, we offer affordable and easy budgeting options with real time assessment results delivered over a user friendly, web based system.

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