Emotional Intelligence Test 3

A manager’s emotional intelligence (EI) is the emotional thermostat of his team.  And without a reliable thermostat, a team’s output will surely see more highs and lows than a roller coaster on a hot summer day in July. That’s why an emotional intelligence test is essential when identifying high potentials, developing Millennials and other future leaders, as well as selecting new leaders.

leadership-emotional-intelligenceWhat is emotional intelligence? While there are many descriptions of Emotional Intelligence, this one seems comprehensive but easy to understand:

The ability to to identify and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others, and ultimately to reason and problem-solve on the basis of them.

A proven way to improve the odds of becoming a great manager and better leader is through developing higher Emotional Intelligence.  According to Daniel Goleman’s research Emotional Intelligence accounts for 67% of the abilities deemed necessary for superior performance in leaders, and mattered twice as much as technical expertise or IQ.

emotional intelligenceEmotional Intelligence is a critical skill for any executive or manager that is making hundreds if not thousands of decisions each day. Becoming a better manager and leader begins with knowing yourself and assessing others quickly so your decisions can be better. The faster and more capably you can assess and adjust in this complex and fast-changing environment, the more successful you will be.

To help assess emotional intelligence, Success Performance Solutions offers the Emotional Social Intelligence Index™. It’s an online emotional intelligence test that can be completed in minutes. It’s easy to read and understand report is available immediately and helps a participant or manager evaluate factors:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Self-motivation
  4. Self-management
  5. Social awareness
  6. Empathy
  7. Social motivation
  8. Social management

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