Pre Employment Tests for Hospitality Workers

SPS pre employment tests for hospitality are invaluable tools in the restaurant, hotel, and spa hiring toolbox that helps hire the right people the first time. Whether you are screening the next server, hostess, bartender, manager, spa technician or other hospitality employee, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice. A bad hire doesn’t only waste time and money but often results in the loss of good customers due to bad service.

good customer service skillsHospitality pre-employment tests are available on our PeopleClues and eSkill employment testing software and several report versions can be produced. PeopleClues employee assessments test for personality fit, honesty & integrity, and general reasoning. Each PeopleClues report gives you A graphical display comparing candidates to other successful employees, easy to understand interpretation guides, and customized interview questions. Job specific benchmarks are available for more than a dozen positions from the dishwasher and housekeeping to the manager. Click here for the current listing of available reports. If you don’t see a position listed, call us at 800-803-4303.

Testing for both PeopleClues and eSkill is completed on online and reports are available immediately. Account set-up is easy and training to use and interpret reports is minimal. Plus all clients of Success Performance Solutions receive unlimited phone and email support.

SPS Hospitality pre employment personality and aptitude tests cover a wide range of hospitality jobs. Before hiring the wrong candidate, use a pre employment test. It helps HR professionals, business owners, and managers reduce turnover, poor customer service, and loss of profits. Hire great hospitality candidates today with pre-employment testing.

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