My recent post “Why Every Employer Should Purchase a Jobs Domain Extension” generated quite a few questions.  The most common response was “what happens after I purchase a .jobs domain? What do we do with it?”

You have several options.

The easiest but least effective is something webmasters call a redirect.  You could just redirect or mask your .jobs domain to your current careers page. (Example: if you type, the candidate is automatically redirected to the careers page on your company website.) The good news is that a redirect eliminates any fumbling through your website trying to find it.

The bad news is that while your careers page would get indexed by Google (and the other search engines), your job listings may not. That means that if a job candidate searches for “customer service jobs in Baltimore,” your company career page may not come up unless the page was optimized for “customer service jobs in Baltimore.”  However if the .jobs site is a full-functioning website, each job listing gets indexed separately.  That significantly increases the chances of jobseekers finding your job postings.

Here’s a better solution. In order to use your .jobs domains to get top search engine ranking for your jobs and therefore free applicants from the search engines, you need to have an actual careers website running on that domain.

Now you might think that puts the old kibosh on the deal. If you approach your IT department they will likely wonder where they will find the time to do it.  And if you outsource it, it will be expensive to build and maintain.  Most employers simply don’t have the money or resources to be able to get a website programmed and setup on their .jobs domain. And even if they can get the careers site up and running, getting IT to post new jobs and content in a timely manner is wishful thinking.  

Prevue Applicant Processing System (or Prevue APS) has your solution.

  • Every Prevue APS subscription comes with a branded careers websiteincluding custom content pages, current job listings, an online employment application, and an easy system for managing your applicants through your hiring process.
  • The entire careers website can be managed easily by any of your HR Staff without any knowledge of HTML or website coding! They can instantly update current job openings, and make changes to the content without hassle.
  • Your Prevue APS Careers site is search engine optimized to run on your .jobs domain.
  • Setup can be completed in just a few business days with little to no support from your IT Department. We will do all the work for you, including graphics and programming.
  • Prevue APS generally requires less than 1 hour of your own time to get up and running!