According to the State of Recruiting 2012 study released by Talent Technology, finding good candidates tops the list of challenges facing many organizations. It’s followed by filling positions fast, dedicated hiring managers, managing applicants, and sub-par job descriptions.  All five of these challenges are manageable with best practice systems and technology. This too can and must be better managed if companies are to compete effectively for talent.

A little further down the list at the number 9 spot is “time spent reading resumes.”  How much time is spent reading a resume?  According to the Talent Technology study, each HR and recruiting professional takes about 4.5 minutes to review a single resume. With over 100 applications being submitted for every one job opening, recruiters spend over 7.5 hours sifting through resumes to find half a dozen candidates worth interviewing.  That could be one reason why it takes an average 45 days to fill a job vacancy. 

In today’s workplace where human resources are lean and time is money, employers can’t afford to pay recruiters to screen out unqualified applicants when the process can be automated and candidate screening reduced to just a few minutes. The outcome of relying on manual and outdated technologies is that critical positions remaining unfilled for 45 days or more while recruiters and hiring managers shuffle papers and meet with unqualified candidates,

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