Success Performance Solutions has announced a new relationship with Georgia Employers’ Association
(GEA). As part of the agreement, Success Performance Solutions (SPS) established an employee assessment
center for GEA members. In addition to offering members its best-in-class pre-employment testing and
leadership assessments, GEA members will receive discounts ranging from 5% to 25%.

A recent survey of GEA members revealed that hiring right and leadership development topped a list of
management concerns, according to David Whitaker, GEA’s executive director. “In response, we sought out a
partner that could both provide proven assessments and be attentive to our members.”

“With the availability of these assessments and Success Performance Solutions’ reputation for exceptional
support and service to the small and medium size business, our members can effortlessly screen and select new
hires,” says David Whitaker, GEA’s executive director.

“Our relationship is designed to help GEA members gain access to affordable, predictable, and easy to use
employee assessments. It’s essential that businesses become competent at managing an increasingly difficult
labor market, especially for skilled workers,” reports Ira S Wolfe, president of Success Performance Solutions.

The new employee assessment center was launched in early September. SPS is providing access to assessments
ranging from basic technical and administrative skills to executive leadership. Included in the offering are
SPS’s two most used systems: PeopleClues and ASSESS. PeopleClues is an industry leading employment
assessment system that measures employee attitude and job fit in over 120 jobs in a dozen industries. ASSESS
is a powerful competency-based system validated for selection and development of management, leadership,
sales, and other key company roles.

Whitaker also announced that Wolfe will present a series of educational webinars. The next webinar is
scheduled for October 7 at 2:00 PM EDT. The topic is “Gaining Access to Affordable, Predictable and Easy to
Use Employee Assessments.”

GEA members interested in pre-employment testing and leadership development can also contact Success
Performance Solutions direct via a contact form on the GEA website (
request-form/) or call them direct at 800-803-4303.

For more information about the GEA Employee Assessment Center, contact David Whitaker at

About Georgia Employers’ Association
The Georgia Employers’ Association assists member companies in leading and managing their businesses by
providing training, products, consulting and legal services relevant to owners, executives, managers and HR

About Success Performance Solutions
Success Performance Solutions helps small and medium size businesses hire and promote the right employees.
SPS is recognized as one of the leaders in effective and affordable hiring solutions and are experts in pre-
employment testing and leadership assessment. Attention: Trade organizations, Chambers of Commerce,
Workforce Development executives – contact SPS about creating online assessment centers on your website.
Call Ira S Wolfe at 800-803-4303.

About Ira S Wolfe
Ira S Wolfe is a nationally recognized thought leader and author about workforce trends and employee
assessment. He consults, writes, and speaks about the convergence of increasing job skill requirements,
changing demographics, accelerating changes in technology, and globalization which is creating unprecedented
staffing challenges.