Predictive People Analytics

Recruit Faster. Hire Smarter. Retain Longer.


  • Gain game-changing insight
  • Reduce time and cost to hire
  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Reduce attrition and turnover
  • Improve productivity
  • Recognize flight risk of top talent
  • Identify high-potential leaders
  • Predict outcomes of proposed policy changes


Human Resources Analytics to guide every decision you make about talent acquisition and management


Gut instinct, tradition, and assumptions are still the basis for 9 out of 10 HR decisions. It’s time to change that with predictive people analytics. InTalentGenix analytics is the perfect HR data management solution if your company is asking questions like these:


Which top performers are most likely to leave your company in the next 18 months?


How much will a wage increase reduce attrition or boost engagement?


Which recruiting sources provide you with the most quality hires?