Pre-Employment Test for Workplace Safety

Reduce Employee Turnover. Lower Workers Compensation.

Do Workplace Safety Pre-Employment Tests Work?

After 12 months using Elite Workplace Safety Profile, the accident rate in one transportation company was reduced by 80 percent!

Employee safety is a really big deal these days. The cost of workplace injury and workers’ compensation claims are skyrocketing. Requiring potential employees to take an employee safety assessment helps manage the risk and control costs. Used in tandem with conventional interviews, job fit assessments, and background checks, the return on investment of using a workplace safety test is a no-brainer.

The SPS Elite Workplace Safety Profile is a general indicator of an individual’s ability to behave responsibly, be safety conscious, and follow rules and procedures.

  • Time limit approximately 12 to 15 minutes online.
  • The safety assessment consists of 60 questions that assess:
    • Reliability: The degree to which the individual is likely to be dependable, hardworking and conscientious about the quality of his/her work.
    • Responsibility: The degree to which the individual is likely to be dependable, stable, takes responsibility for his/her actions and as a result, is not likely to have attendance problems.
    • Rules Compliance: The degree to which the individual is likely to follow company policies and adhere to rules and procedures established by management.
    • Safety: The degree to which the individual is likely to follow company safety rules and procedures, and is cautious and vigilant about avoiding workplace accidents.

Elite Workplace Safety Profile is ideal for jobs where safety is a top priority such as manufacturing (machine operators, forklift operators, technicians), transportation (drivers and mechanics), public safety (firefighting and police), healthcare, automotive, material handling, maintenance, and many others.



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