PeopleClues, an industry leader in workplace assessments, today announced the release of its latest case study, “Mike’s Carwash Cleans Up Recruiting and Candidate Screening Processes with Help from PeopleClues Pre-employment Selection Assessments.” The study focuses on how Mike’s Carwash, one of the first established carwashes in the U.S., worked with PeopleClues and its partners, The Chrysalis Corporation and Success Performance Solutions, to improve its candidate screening and recruiting processes through the use of online assessments that are seamlessly integrated into its application process.

To ensure that it identifies best-fit individuals for its front line, customer service and entry-level positions, Mike’s Carwash has long relied on pre-employment selection assessments as part of its recruitment practices. However, the company utilized paper-and-pencil assessments, which required hiring managers at remote locations to fax the assessments to headquarters for scoring and results.

Recognizing the need to streamline this process, Mike’s Carwash decided it was time to move the assessment stage online and reduce the time and effort spent on assessments and candidate screening.

By working with assessment providers Chrysalis Corporation and Success Performance Solutions, Mike’s Carwash modernized its assessment practices and added PeopleClues’ web-based, user-friendly candidate selection assessment to its screening process. Now when the company’s estimated 41,000 applicants per year complete online job applications for its full-time and part-time opportunities, they also complete a PeopleClues assessment to determine their level of fit, giving the company deeper insight into the skills, behaviors, and characteristics that make an individual successful.

“We’ve definitely experienced increased quality of hire and reduced our turnover rates using pre-employment assessments,” said Tom Wiederin, Human Resources and Recruiting manager for Mike’s Carwash. “After reviewing the way that we analyzed assessment results, combined with some additional compensation and benefits changes at the company, we were able to reduce turnover by 25 percent in one year. We attribute much of that improvement to PeopleClues.”

“Organizations are challenged to quickly identify the individuals who not only meet the requirements of the job, but also show the behaviors, attitude and personality that will make them a right fit with the company culture,” said Julie Moreland, president of PeopleClues. “Like many companies, Mike’s Carwash recognized the value of PeopleClues’ assessments in helping them make better-informed hiring decisions and ensure high-quality candidates are identified and placed into the right positions.”

Download the full case study here.