Guest Blogger: Wendy Dessler, Outreach manager
In the past decade, technology has become very important to human resources (HR) professionals. When you consider that over 75 percent of hiring managers utilize tools like applicant tracking software, it is easy to see just how big of a role technology plays in this industry. Professionals in this industry also use tools like online calendars and employee scheduling software to make their lives easier.

But with technology changing so fast,  staying on top of the best technologies to use is almost a full time job in itself. To help, let me offer just a few of the tech innovations you should watch for in the coming year.

  1. HR Professionals are Setting the Pace

Innovation within the world of human resources is largely driven by the needs of the professionals who work in this industry. And with the pace of change disrupting conventional best practices, most HR professionals are eager to use the latest learning methods and performance management tools.

  1. The Rise of People Analytics

The use of people analytics is allowing businesses to gain insights into how to spot and keep the talent they have. People analytics helps businesses uncover trends and identify potential problems before they even happen.  Without deep insight and data-backed evidence, it will be very hard for a company to attract new talent and then keep them.

  1. The Ever Changing World of Talent Sourcing

With record low unemployment and the rise of the remote workforce (gig jobs), more and more companies are altering the ways they source new talent. Most workers want a flexible schedule, which is why remote work is so popular. By utilizing the power of technology, companies are able to connect with potential hires all over the globe. No longer are companies bound by geographical limitations when trying to fill important roles within their company.

  1. The Increasing Popularity of Wellness Apps

Modern business owners are increasingly concerned with the wellness of their employees. Focusing on wellness is a great way to show employees you care about them. Healthy employees will be more productive and will take far less sick days. Businesses who use wellness apps provide their team with the tools they need to monitor their activity levels, maintain a healthier diet, and live a better lifestyle.

  1. A Noticeable Shift to the Cloud

Being able to access things like payroll, talent management and employee timesheets from anywhere is something most HR professionals have dreamed about for years. Utilizing the power and convenience of cloud-based servers is a great way to obtain information at work, home, play and even on vacation.. In the coming year, you are sure to see more and more HR companies making a shift to the cloud.

  1. Intelligent Self-Service Tools

More HR departments are also making a shift towards data-driven self-service tools for their employees. Tools that make things like case management, employee communications and help-desk interactions easier are highly desirable in the world of small business. Many companies are making their self-service platforms the backbone of their HR departments and for good reason.

  1. The New Age of Corporate Learning Tools

In an attempt to appeal to Millennials, many companies have modernized their corporate learning tools. These modern learning aids are interactive and some are even based in virtual reality. Not only will this help you appeal to a younger demographic, it can make the onboarding process much easier.

  1. Smarter Recruitment Tools

Finding and recruiting the right employees is paramount to the continued success of your small business. This is why many companies are using new technologies such as applicant tracking software to automate high volume recruitment. By automating this process, you can recruit  high-quality candidates faster and more efficiently.

  1. Video Conferencing is a Great Way to Connect Remote Workers

While video conferencing is not a new technology, it is finally becoming commonplace. With the power of this technology, businesses with remote workforces are able to connect with their workers on a personal level. Scheduling face to face video conferences with your remote team on a weekly basis can help you keep them productive and motivated.

  1. Using Intelligent Apps

Another popular trend in the world of HR is the use of machine learning apps. These apps are used to do everything from attracting talent to monitor employee performance. With the data from these apps, companies can make informed decisions regarding their team.

While implementing the use of new technology may be a bit intimidating, the ROI is often impressive. As your team gets more familiar with the latest innovations in human resources technology, you will start to see a rise in productivity, engagement, and morale.

Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.